A lot of people seem to think I am just a tad nuts when I talk about the coming biometric and RFID identity cards we will be required to carry someday, maybe soon. They claim that America does not need to carry a national ID in their back pocket because we are a free nation and that would violate our rights. That’s true, it would violate some rights, and/or privileges, but when have you known our rights to stop the politicians from enacting more controls over our everyday lives?

There is an article out, Youth will find ID cards ‘handy’, that tells of a new biometric card in England targeted towards the younger set. The article says; A voluntary national identity card scheme will be launched in Greater Manchester today designed to give young people “day-to-day convenience”. Manchester residents over the age of 16 who hold a UK passport will be able to apply for the £30 biometric ID cards from November 30th.

I find it interesting that there seems to be little resistance to this card, perhaps because the UK is already a socialist nation and the citizens are used to the government telling them what to do and where to go. The article quotes a Home Office minister, Meg Hillier, as saying , the cards would be particularly useful for students and young people who do not wish to take their passports on a night out. And that Having a card would save the “cost and hassle” of getting into clubs and bars…

Apparently the biometric information will be stored on a database that will not be able to be downloaded onto disc format and is supposed to be used for criminal and border issues. The article goes on to say; Fingerprints and photos will be stored on one database and biographical information on another, linked together by a third. This information is already held by the Passport Service.

At this point the card will not be mandatory, but at some future date it will be, and the Brit’s can count on that happening. Meanwhile, India will begin issuing their own mandatory national ID cards in August of 2011, with 600 million people expected to be issued with their cards over five years, or about half of India’s population. In the US, our federal government is experimenting and researching away, under the watchful eye of the DHS and other control oriented agencies. Many universities and large employers already utilize an RFID card as a means of secure and positive ID, and some cards are even connected with financial accounts of the holders allowing them to also use the card to pay for some purchases, and to pay for rides on public transportation.

As we become more and more a nation of overconsumption and convenience we are using contactless payment cards, which are RFID cards, for everything from a meal at a fast food joint to zipping through the tolls on the turnpike. This usage will make us become complacent with the technology, and we will forget that there are risks with allowing this technology to become part of our everyday lives.

And therefore we will have to make some heavy decisions when making our preparedness plans for the future. To ID or not to ID, that is the question. One of the problems I foresee is the fact that if we need any governmental assistance at all, we will need to have the national ID card in hand to get that assistance. Also, we may well be jailed in an event that would allow martial law to be imposed if we do not have that same ID at hand.

Health care, food and housing all come under the umbrella of the FEMA world when our constitution becomes suspended, so what do we do? In fact, we may well be forced to relocate and take employment that we don’t want when the you know what hits the proverbial fan. By planning ahead, we won’t have to make these excruciating decisions under pressure, making the wrong decision as a result. Like I’ve said before, those of us who will be able to be self sufficient will have a much better chance to survive the coming times with a thorough plan in place. Research the facts and learn before it becomes too late to act as a free person. RFID is not the way to go, and by refusing to use it today, we can make it take much longer to be implemented, and extend our free lives for many more years. Resist the new world order, resist the new technology, and you can resist the power of the coming times.


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