The Kidnapping Of Your Home Schooled Children

You know, one of the things that separate those who have a true survival mindset from what I call the macho gun crowd is the sense of responsibility for the future, our own future that is. We tend to look at things differently, and because of that live a different lifestyle as well. One of […]

Surviving the Economic Collapse

Not so long ago I wrote a post called Welcome to Bartertown  where I discussed the possible future of non cash financial transactions. I made reference to the extreme, but unlikely, development of communities in the future resembling trading posts of the past by way of Mel Gibson’s movie, Beyond Thunder Dome. Set in a gritty, […]

The Guantanamo Hustle

Headlines from today’s papers are all hyping the Obama’s administration’s decision to move the terrorist detainees to a prison in Illinois from Guantanamo next year. Makes me wonder when the revolution will begin. But in real terms, I see it as just another slick move designed to show that the Great B.O. is really the […]

Your Survival Cache

As I go through my growing collection of survival related books, magazines and videos, I have noticed that little attention seems to be directed to the task of establishing hidden caches of supplies that can help one avoid capture, detection or whatever(with some exceptions). I’m not really certain as to why that is, as a […]

Cyber Terrorism and Defense of Your Home

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the threat of a cyber based attack against the US, and the possible targets. Exactly how much risk is there of your own home or business being attacked, or damaged in the fallout of a major cyber attack? To start with, if you are reading this post, […]

Preparing for Tomorrow

Lots of writers and dreamers say that tomorrow never comes, but to those of us who prefer survival over giving up know better. Tomorrow always comes quicker than we realize, and whether you like it or not, it’s just about midnight right now. The situation in the middle east is getting pretty heated and will probably pop wide open before too much longer.