Lots of writers and dreamers say that tomorrow never comes, but to those of us who prefer survival over giving up know better. Tomorrow always comes quicker than we realize, and whether you like it or not, it’s just about midnight right now. The situation in the middle east is getting pretty heated and will probably pop wide open before too much longer. Sooner may be better than later because of the nuclear potential between Israel and Iran’s rapidly growing nuclear program. Added to the mix is the growing trend to dislike the Great B.O. and his policies by the Arab nations. I would presume they thought they were going to get someone who would sleep in their camp at night, but the Arabs guessed wrong on that one. Obama may visit their camp in the daylight, but at night he is a full fledged card carrying new world order proponent.

If things do blow into a mushroom farm in the Mideast, we likely will see little to no fallout in a direct fashion, so there is little danger to the US from that concern. However, we do need to bear in mind that at any given moment there are over 6,000 nuclear warheads that could reach anywhere in the US, be used against the US at a moment’s notice. So, nuclear threat is always a constant problem to the security minded. More than likely we will suffer either a dirty bomb or some sort of biological attack somewhere on our soil. If you are really concerned about the dirty bomb threat, then I would suggest you stay away from our bigger cities.

The problem with a dirty bomb is that for it to be effective it needs to be detonated in an area that has a large population, like New York, Chicago, Dallas, etc. My guess would be that we would sooner see biological warfare used against us first. Few people realize this, but did you know that a terrorist, flying a crop duster plane can fly low enough to avoid radar, and can spray enough anthrax in a matter of just a few minutes to kill thousands of people? They could easily fly in to a city from a rural area known for its farming on the pretense of flying to a municipal airport, and while flying over the city, spray the population like an angry skunk spraying a dog. How likely is that to happen? I’d say very likely, and probably before too many more months go by.

But if you have the survival mindset, you can survive. There are some things you can have on hand to ward off a biological attack, such as plastic sheeting and duct tape. Cover over all the openings to the outside as tightly as you can with the tape, using the plastic for the larger openings. Stay inside during and after the attack until the danger is over. Of course, you’ll need an emergency band radio to keep tabs on what is happening, with plenty of batteries if it isn’t a wind up model.

You can also build a decontamination shower pretty easily. Simply prop a spray nozzle over a protected area and wash away, sort of. You’ll need to dispose of contaminated clothing and such so you’ll need a trash bag, preferably contractor grade for that purpose. There are a lot of books out that can give you some detailed instructions on the subject, so I won’t go into detail on it here. But I will in a later post, so stay tuned!

I keep pounding on the idea of turning your yard into a garden so you can grow your own vegetables. It’s not a bad idea even when the times are good to do this sort of thing. Vegetables from your own garden are cheaper and healthier than any you can buy for the most part, and anyone can do it. Remember the victory gardens from the WWII era? The idea works the same way. And today, we can fall back on a lot of research for hydroponics and what is called intensive gardening. You can grow a lot of stuff in a very small area today with all of this knowledge. Even if you haven’t a yard, you can still do container gardening on the patio or porch. Just think of those juicy red tomatoes and crisp cucumbers and beans. Fresh peas, maybe some corn on the cob and potatoes from the oven. MMMMM-GOOD!! I can’t wait to grow some of my own veggies.

And remember, if you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail.


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