Headlines from today’s papers are all hyping the Obama’s administration’s decision to move the terrorist detainees to a prison in Illinois from Guantanamo next year. Makes me wonder when the revolution will begin. But in real terms, I see it as just another slick move designed to show that the Great B.O. is really the “one” as Oprah seemed to like calling him. Another promise kept, no matter the cost. I suppose at some point and time somebody will decide to let Obama know that he won the election, and that he can stop campaigning anytime.

So, to get to the meat of the matter, I see this as a tragedy waiting to happen. Possibly even an engineered tragedy, as a way for the government to finalize its control over the taxpayers of this once free nation. But whatever happens, it’ll be a hoot!

Apparently the 1,600 bed prison was offered for sale this past October to the Feds. Not surprising that this offer comes from Obama’s home state of Illinois. Holding around 200 minimum security prisoners at the moment, it does seem like the facility is wicked underused, but is it really a good idea to plop these detainees, who would just as soon slice our Christian throats in our sleep? I mean c’mon now people, wake up and smell the burning toast! A promise is made to close Guantanamo by a presidential contender. That contender also promised to bring our families home from the Middle East conflict as well, and look how that turned out.

Anyways, he has a couple of choices here. We could close the center and farm off these detainees to other countries. Been there, done that, and nobody wants them because of the danger they pose. So Obama can’t make good on his promise that way. Another choice would be to close the center and simply let everyone free, depositing them into their home countries. Can’t do that either because of the threat they pose to the nations of the world. So, to make good on the promise, the center in Guantanamo has to be closed. He never promised to release them, just close the prison.

Aha! Here comes an offer from the Presidents own state of a very fine prison that is currently underutilized. A perfect solution. But wait, first, this prison has to undergo some major upgrades to make it more secure, and it won’t be available for at least six more months after that work starts. Hmmm. Job creation in Illinois, but nowhere else during the construction period. Speaking of construction, this prison was built in 2001 for around 120,000,000 bucks. I wonder how much the feds are gonna give Illinois for it? Not that they have any money to appropriate for it. Going by some articles, the money may come from the 2010 military appropriations to be voted on next year. So no matter how we look at it, Guantanamo isn’t closing anytime soon.

No big surprise there, however. Another lame promise from yet another lame politician un-kept. The promise was that Obama would close Guantanamo within a year. Not gonna happen, is it? It’s nearly the end of December, and short of just opening the gates and simply letting the few dozen (about 200) of detainees free there is no opportunity to move these people. But an even bigger problem with this scheme is that before these detainees are moved onto US soil, the government has to pass a law allowing prisoners to be held even if they are not awaiting trial. And let’s take that one step further. Should such a law be passed, who is to say that it will not be used to detain US citizens that disagree with the current administration? Suppose you get tossed in the clink because you were at an anti-Obama rally. What then? There need be no trial planned because you could legally be incarcerated, and denied your constitutional rights we now have. After all, these same congressmen passed a law earlier this year prohibiting moving these prisoners onto US soil unless they were being tried here, didn’t they?

With 1600 beds, the Thomson Correctional Facility looks like an interesting place. I checked it out on Google Map, and from the sky it looks like one of those vacation condominium resorts. It also has some strategic pluses, as well as some big negatives as well. But I won’t go into those as I’d rather not help anyone out here. I will say that there is ample opportunity for the facility to come under attack by unfriendly forces, and that attack could easily be successful. It will be interesting to see what happens to the mix of prisoners. For one thing, there are only a few dozen at Guantanamo, which means the rest of the facility will be dedicated to regular federal inmates.

The question here is how would these prisoners be guarded? Will the facility be surrounded by troops? Or will the normal cop wannabe looser security staff be put in place. You know the type, lazy, with an air of superiority, and an inflated opinion of their own abilities. Or better put, will they be capable of repelling an attack from the outside? And if the facility is in fact breeched, what about all of the other inmates, let alone the terrorist population within?

Dick the turban Durbin seems to believe the new federal prison will provide 3,000 new jobs for the area. Another hmmmm. Three thousand new jobs in Obama’s home state of Illinois. The whole idea stinks, especially when you place military security side by side with regular prison security issues and needs. I say keep these people in Guantanamo where they belong, and give them a military trial as they truly deserve. After all, they were captured from military units weren’t they? At least for most, they were. That makes them enemy combatants in my book.

So here’s an idea; let’s just quietly slip off the island one night, leaving the prisoners behind. Then we can through the keys over the fence and say, “Here ya go Fidel, enjoy!”

Here are a couple of stories on the issue;

U.S. to announce transfer of detainees to Ill. prison

U.S. Said to Pick Illinois Prison to House Detainees


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