The Kidnapping Of Your Home Schooled Children

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You know, one of the things that separate those who have a true survival mindset from what I call the macho gun crowd is the sense of responsibility for the future, our own future that is. We tend to look at things differently, and because of that live a different lifestyle as well.

One of those aspects of a different lifestyle is the trend to home school our children. Teaching our kids in a home environment means that they will be exposed to what we believe in, and not some government mandated mantra that may abridge our free thought. Because of this many home schooled families are above and centered in the government radar, and in many communities face problems with the authority of secular government.

Governments generally detest the idea of future taxpayers being taught something other than the governments own agenda, and wind up being hostile towards these families in many cases.

An article by One News Now’s Pete Chagnon brings to light a case in Sweden where a family faces being torn apart because of the parents desire to home school their own children. The article, Swedish authorities frown on home schooling
says that ‘A Swedish family is faced with the prospect of losing their children simply because they home school’ Apparently, Swedish authorities boarded a plan the couple, Christer and Annie Johansson, were on with their seven year old son, Dominic, were on as it was getting ready to depart for India.

Without any warrant beyond citing the UNs Convention on the Rights of the Child, and took Dominic into state custody. The couple, by the way, are Christians. The local authorities have not charged the Johanssen’s with any crime, but acted under the direction of the Swedish Social Services local offices.

The Johanssen’s were planning to fly to India where Annie was from to start a new life. Being of the sort that prefers to live close to the land, as some would call it, the couple preferred the natural way, or the back to nature way of living. The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has taken on the cause by defending the Johanssens. Most of the tale can be found here.

According to Michael Donnelly,
director of international affairs for HSLDA, “the Swedish government does not believe that home schooling is a proper way to educate a child.”

In my opinion, the family is the core of any civilized society. To destroy a family based upon a purely ideological stand is a reprehensible act. While on the one hand officials use the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to support their action, at the same time they violate articles 3, 9, 12, 13(2), 16(3), 18, 26(3), and others of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Rights. As there is no claim, indication, or proof of danger to the child, this child should be immediately returned to his family, and the family should be allowed to pursue the life they desire. And that’s what I added to the petition calling for the return of this child to his parents, which you can sign here.

The HSLDA says; After some testing by Swedish authorities, it was discovered that Dominic was only slightly behind in some subjects, but that he had been making academic progress. The family had been refused school materials by their local school when they had asked for them last year. As a homeschooling family, the Johanssons lean towards unschooling, profess the Christian faith, and try to live close to nature. Mr. and Mrs. Johannson had made plans to move to India to work with several orphanages to help them to live simply and economically. Although their lifestyle is out of the ordinary to Swedish officials, nothing in their approach to family life justified such a radical state intervention. In addition to living simply, the Johanssons exercised their legal rights to opt out of vaccinations for their son as well as only taking him to the doctor when he was sick, also reasons cited by the court to allow Swedish social services to retain custody of Dominic.(emphasis mine)

It is a “very dark time” in Sweden, says Donnelly.

Sweden is a highly socialized nation, which is what many politicians here in the U.S. would like to see. The last ten months of disastrous and costly legislation the democrats have pushed onto us is proof of that. Are we soon going to see the government swoop in and grab homeschooled kids from their families here in the U.S.? I would hope not, but given the fact that the Christian faith is on the defense in every state, it may well come to that.

In other countries, and to some extent here in the U.S. legislation has been passed in some cases making it illegal to home school, such as in Germany, to placing such stringent requirements upon the family who chooses to home school that it becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible to meet all requirements. In an attempt to further the destruction of family values many of these government bodies forcibly remove children from their families. In the Johanssen case, local police officials boarded the plane the family was on, and took the child into custody. The Swedish court apparently initially granted the Johanssens no visitations until after the new year, and was generous enough to allow them one hour of visitation every five weeks after that time.

Seems pretty generous to me. Right. And I pledge allegiance to the hammer and sickle. As America degrades further we will become more and more like these socialist nations that put the state at the center of our lives, and not what really counts.

This sort of thing is what I am talking about when I speak of the coming times. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there that claim one thing or another about what is coming down the road, and who is trying to control the earth. But most of them are wrong. The changes will creep in one wrong at a time, and America won’t realize it until it is too late. The damage will be already done, and there will be no turning back.

Tell you what, go into a MacDonald’s or other fast food joint. Take a look at those credit card terminals they have in front of you. See that little bulge at the top with a symbol that looks like sound waves? That is the symbol for a near field RFID reader. If you have one of those tap and go cards, you are carrying an RFID chip around with you. That’s how simple the takeover will be. One little step at a time. We get sucked into the idea of convenience and secure financial transactions, and all we have to is give them access to our identity and income.

People who prefer to be different from the system, like home schoolers, will stand out and be persecuted for being different, even if what they are doing is legal. We can work to slow this change from occurring by banding together and defending our way of life. Stand up for what you believe in and fight to be heard. Especially at the local level of government. Home schoolers have the right to teach their children at home if they so desire. Defend that right and support them in their endeavours. Sign the petition to reunite the Johanssens here, and then see what you can do to help home schoolers in your own community.


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