Surviving The Health Care Bill

One of the tragic consequences of this nation’s shift towards a socialist government is the fact that while upfront costs seem to diminish, the real costs are actually higher, last longer, and get you less bang for your buck. Health care is no different than any other government provided service. It doesn’t work well in […]

Surviving On Canned Food

Food is of course an all important part of survival, but what do you eat when the crap hits the fan and the grocer is no more? Simply put, we follow a standard routine of food usage called RFCS. That means refrigerator, freezer, canned, storage. When the power goes out and you know it’s not […]

Survival Lessons from Haiti

As I study the aspects of survival in the coming times I am struck by the picture that the earthquake in Haiti has presented to the world. A natural disaster of the worst type, striking without any prior warning, bringing devastation to a struggling nation and turning it into bedlam and chaos. While not the […]

Survival Outerwear; a blanket coat

Usually when one thinks of a blanket coat, the Northwood’s Capote, made from a quality Hudson’s Bay blanket comes to mind. These are great coats, and some of them can be pretty fancy looking, with all kinds of gee-gaws and such adorning your work. These can, of course be store bought, and I have seen […]

Surviving The Cashless Future

There’s a lot of talk on the waves by many so called analysts regarding the end times, and the so called apocalyptic terror we will be forced to live through. I hate to be the one to burst bubbles, but a lot of the hype certain TV networks like to portray as the end times […]

Tips for temporary power outages

As I sit here writing, relaxing after doing some shoveling, after an eight ½ hour day at work, the possibility of a potential power outage for tonight comes to mind. We are in a lull period between one wave and a much bigger wave for tomorrow, and the winds are picking up pretty bad. Frequently, […]