Surviving The Cashless Future

There’s a lot of talk on the waves by many so called analysts regarding the end times, and the so called apocalyptic terror we will be forced to live through. I hate to be the one to burst bubbles, but a lot of the hype certain TV networks like to portray as the end times is just hype. Granted, it ain’t gonna be no picnic, but they really go overboard with some of the graphics. But in spite of it all, there will be some unpleasant changes that we will have to survive, and there will be no choice in the matter.

One of these changes will be the conversion to a cashless society, as some like to call it. Some folks say that there will always be money, and that’s true, there always will be. The Scriptures tell us there will be, so there will. The aspect, or type of currency, is the part of money that is changing. Revelation 6:6 says And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine(KJV). This tells me that there will be financial trade in the final days, and for financial trade to take place there must be money to exchange hands. Otherwise, the verse would have suggested a barter type of transaction, wouldn’t it?

But for those of you who are not convinced that there will indeed be a cashless society, you’ll need to follow along on my podcasts, which can be found here on Maine Talk Radio. A few of the recent news clips I have shared is the fact that the UK has passed a law eliminating the paper check by 2018. Many countries, including the U.S. are investigating, and some are instituting a national ID card containing RFID chips containing much personal information. Some are even including biometrics within these cards.

As an added incentive, many cards also function as a debit card as well for non cash currency transactions. Makes it easier to take public transportation and so forth. A recent NY Times article describes a restaurant in New York that now refuses to accept cash. Many stores do not accept checks as payment as well. Online commerce relies solely on credit cards for payment. Even fast food joints such as McDonalds have contactless payment terminals for your touch and go debit cards. These cards, in case you did not realize it, contain RFID chips with your account information.

So, it is clear that we are in fact headed for a cashless society, but there will still be currency to be traded. The big problem with this idea is that this currency will not be actual paper or coins, it will be credit placed in your bank account, and that credit will be based upon the value the nation’s currency has on the market. The value of the dollar, or whatever denomination of currency you use where you live, will be based upon the strength of that nation’s wealth in the world market. You will have little to no control over your own finances. If you do not have one of these cards in the future, you will not be able to do business in the conventional sense.

Even government provided welfare such as unemployment and foodstamps are provided for via a debit card today. There will be no paper checking, or draft style financial transfers in the future. There will be next to none, or none at all, hard cash available to be distributed. All transactions will be electronic.

So what kind of survival plan can we develop to live through this part of the coming times? Actually, none, in real terms. We can either do as the government says, or we can become an outcast with no way to pay for a roof over our heads, buy groceries, or obtain health care. And don’t even think of gassing up the family sedan. But that’s not such a bad alternative if enough people of a like mind can band together and form their own communities. And this plan, in and of itself will cause grave problems for the survivalists who choose this course.

The governments of the world will rely upon your tax dollars right up till the Second Coming. Have you noticed how large this government has become, and that it is growing larger and more powerful every week that goes by? You will be required to pay what they consider your fair share. Unless of course you are poverty bound and then they’ll pay all your bills. But there is a way around the problem, at least partially. For one thing, you will be required to work. No problem there, just make enough to get your income and property and sales taxes paid for.

I’ve talked before about bartering, and this is one way of getting by when things get tough. But for a barter system to really work there must be enough people involved to cover all possible needs required by a community. You’ll need to consider medical care, housing, transportation, clothing and food. And then you’ll need to give consideration as to how you intend to achieve all of these things. You can plant seeds for food, but where will the seed come from? How about fuel for the tractor? Where will the power come from to light your home? How about the books to educate the little ones?

And then there’s always the time when somebody breaks their leg or an appendix bursts. These are all things to consider, along with much more. There are two degrees of survival mindset. One degree addresses the immediate emergency, such as a hurricane or civil breakdown. And then there is the long term degree that pushes you to live apart from conventional society, either alone or in a community of like minded believers. I would suggest the latter, for obvious reasons.

The cashless future is steamrolling towards us, and in some ways is already here. There are many cases where you cannot do business without a credit card already. It will only be a matter of time before everyone becomes indoctrinated into the wisdom of possessing an RFID card because of the security it supposedly provides, and because of the convenience they provide at the checkout counter.

You’ll have to eventually decide whether or not to buy into that wisdom. When that time comes, you need to be ready to play or pay. Prepare for that time now, and you’ll be able to pay and play your own way then.

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