One of the tragic consequences of this nation’s shift towards a socialist government is the fact that while upfront costs seem to diminish, the real costs are actually higher, last longer, and get you less bang for your buck. Health care is no different than any other government provided service. It doesn’t work well in any other country, why would we be stupid enough to think nationalized health care would work here in America? Because we are easily led by false leaders, that’s why.

The issue over health care reform currently being debated in Washington doesn’t so much relate to the cost of health care so much as it relates to the insurance industry. Or, I should say, control of the insurance industry. In the over four thousand pages of new regulations, I’m guessing that less than 1% of that text is directed towards the cost of health care. I haven’t of course read the Senate version, but going by the House version I’d say the PRO(Pelosi, Reid, Obama) movement is just trying to squeeze us into the bottle of misery called bigger government. Thousands of pages of new legislation that nobody, not even lawyers, can understand.

What this means for the long haul is that if enacted into law, we will begin to see the quality, as well as quantity, of health care gradually fade. We can say this will happen because that is the state of affairs in the medical industries of other nations that have socialized, or nationalized health care. Where I live we have a huge population of Canadians who come into this country every year so they can receive better health care than they get in Canada. And yet supporters of this bill claim they want coverage similar to what Canada and these other nations provide. Doctors get paid less. Nurses get paid less. Less money is invested in infrastructure. Hospitals sit in varying states of decay and disrepair. New and up to date medical equipment is scarce because no hospital can afford to improve their facilities.

Further, I hear stories of care being made unavailable because of the lack of doctors trained to give certain types of treatment in these countries. So how is all of this legislation going to control the cost of health care? I’ll answer that in a moment, but first, why is there even a need for legislation to control healthcare costs? Actually, there isn’t a need for this legislation. The need is more towards seeing that American citizens get the medical care we deserve. The problem with obtaining this health care is the cost, so naturally, those who don’t want to take responsibility to obtain an insurance policy that guarantees payment for that care whine and cry because they cannot have what those who do take the responsibility to pay for a good policy receive.

The real problem with health care costs is not the insurance companies. The real problems with the cost of health care is the cost of health care. In my experience, insurance companies I have had policies with have been quite generous with their benefits, provided I was willing to pay for them. And I paid for them, not the taxpayers. In observing the way the health care industry works, it is easy to see why the costs are so high. There is a lot of waste, redundancy and unneeded expenditure by these nonprofit hospitals that are theoretically providing health care because they care about the well being of the people that they serve. Absolutely not true, in my book.

These people are out to make all of the money they can with their inflated salaries, and to do that they purposely overcharge the patients, and since the insurance companies generally have no direct input into what goes on between the hospital and patient, they pay the bill without question. sure, they require prior approval for procedures and all that, but how often does the procedure occur before the approval is even given, especially in cases where the procedure isn’t always in the best interest of the patient?

All this legislation called the Health Care Reform Act does in guarantee the medical care providers with more money, and a guarantee they will get paid. That’s all it does. Unfortunately, in order to pay these doctors and hospitals, the government needs to make sure they get the cash from you and I to give to these crooks. Hence the need to require certain levels of insurance controls are in place. and to make certain that the payout doesn’t exceed the income, the government will of course have to impose limits on what kind of care, and how much care you will be able to receive. Of course, you’ll be able to get additional care beyond the government mandate, provided you’re willing to pay for it out of pocket. Naturally, the answer to the question as to how is all of this legislation going to pay for health care is that it will not pay for all of this health care. It will pay for just the minimum required to keep you alive long enough to pay taxes.

So where’s the survival angle of this story? The survival angle is that we need to prepare for a potential scarcity of quality health care services. You can do this by learning how to provide your own medical treatment. Learn first aid. Get medicals supplies and stock up on medications before they become unavailable. Develop relationships with people that can provide assistance off the cuff when the time gets rough. Learn how to diagnose and treat common ailments through natural remedies. If this legislation passes it will cement the end of this nation as we know it in the concrete of socialism. It will be a sad parting, but it almost seems inevitable. In just 16 more years this nation will be celebrating its 250th birthday, if it survives the PRO Movement. Will we allow this nation to be destroyed so that a huge special interest group can increase their income on the backs of the American taxpayer? I certainly hope not. Please do all you can to persuade your legislators to kill this legislation, not only for your sake, but for your children’s sake as well.

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