Chile Shakes and New England Quakes

Chile shakes, rattles and rolls while New England quakes under another blanket of heavy snow and high winds…… It has been a busy time for preparedness and emergency folks over the last week of February, hasn’t it? What with the big snow storm, which really wasn’t so big and the earthquakes down in Chile, there […]

The Stupidity of Not Being Prepared

You know, some things in life are just too stupid to comprehend, and not being prepared is one of those things. Why’s that you ask? Because we are not a nation of morons, and yet we so often act like a moron, especially when it comes to emergencies or disasters. Take the stormy weather we’ve […]

The US Army Survival Manual

This one is a fairly cheap buy for the amount of info it contains, considering the fact that this is actually a public domain document under a private publishing company. The Model #21-76 has been published by a good many printers, and this one comes from Ulysses Press. I picked it up from a local […]

The ACEP Pocket First Aid Book

This book is the second choice I made for a go pack library. Small in stature, but packed with a wealth of information. Well worth the $7.00 I paid for it at a local bookstore. The book is primarily a pocket sized version of the American College of Emergency Physicians larger version, the complete first […]

Collins Gem SAS Survival Guide

Everyone should have a good library, and those of us who practice the fine art of preparedness are no exception. I have a growing collection of works that I thought I would share. Probably the best place to start is with one of the two books that I keep in my bug-out bag, the SAS […]

On The Go Sharpening

On the go sharpening is a little skill that can be invaluable, but is largely ignored by many. In part, I believe this is because to get a really good edge on your blade you have to sit down and really work at it. And by working at it, I don’t mean to say it […]

Preparedness Shock Jocks

I’m sure you all remember the days of Y2K, frequently billed as the end of society by the preparedness shock jock crowd, just as the coming 2012 end of the world saga is being billed. It would be nice if that were true. After all, if you are certain that you only have five years […]