Snowmaggedon is what they called it. Reported by some to be the worst snowstorm ever in the DC area, over three feet of snow fell locking the metropolitan and rural worlds alike in a winter wonderland. Of course, it really wasn’t the worst snowstorm ever, but it probably felt like it by some, especially those who fell under the spell of the global warming alarmists. Expecting warmer winters, with less snow, many people were taken by surprise by the storm, in spite of the fact that the storm had been tracked from its conception far across the Pacific.

Just goes to show that preparedness is more vital than ever in today’s changing, but still the same world. It’s hard to know what precisely to prepare for when you live a lifestyle based upon non-preparedness like so many do today. We see the same old news clips of people rushing into the supermarket, raping it of every gallon of milk, loaf of bread and stick of cheese. It gets tiring to see that happen, especially when no one seems to think about buying a box of matches or a package of candles. Or maybe batteries for the radio

Several thoughts crossed my mind as I perused the newspaper articles and various reports regarding this storm. Number one on the list was why didn’t anyone see this coming? The weather researchers did, of course, but not the general media. A couple of days before it hit word was that a good sized storm was coming. Even a couple of days should have been enough of a warning. But apparently it wasn’t as there were uncountable reports of accidents and people getting stuck in the snow trying to get to a convenience store for milk and bread, which many didn’t have. Duh. That one word pretty well sums it all up.

One of the unfortunate side effects of preparedness is the reputation the community has. Closely aligned with the survivalists of the world, most people picture a preparedness aficionado as Michael Gross in Tremors. Gun wielding, four wheel drive pushing, anti government extremists. Far from the truth, my friends. The fine art of preparedness can be practiced by anyone. Rich or poor, smart or not so smart, anyone can get ready for the coming times.

And it’s really quite easy, and affordable if you make a plan, and stick to it. One problem I have seen, especially with the Y2K hype of a few years ago is that so many people panicked and loaded up on stuff they really didn’t need, and they never learned to use. So they think it’s an expensive waste of resources. Bt it really isn’t. First of all, start small and easy. Don’t rush right out and buy a year’s supply of storage food without shopping around and checking things out. Simply start buying a few extra dollars worth of canned goods every week. Pay attention to the sell by dates and rotate them at home, using the oldest product first. If a huge storm hits you’ll have several days, and eventually week’s worth of canned goods to get by on.

Milk and bread are a couple of different critters because you cannot store them long term. Unless you have a deep freeze, which few do today. And even then you have some problems with freshness and loss if and when the power goes out. Better to get some powdered milk and bread mix that you can back at home. Unless of course we get back to that power outage thing. Always happens when we least expect it. A simple way around that is to get a camping stove, some bottles of propane and a collapsible oven that you can bake in. I always suggest to people that if they want to picture what they may need for an extended emergency that they imagine a long camping trip, and gear up for that.

It’s amazing how simple making your preparedness plan can be when you frame it into a picture you can see in your mind. Camping and survival, two very similar situations. Of course, I’m not talking about the luxury camping many people like to do today, but the rustic camping vacations people took, and sometimes still take today. Tents, sleeping bags, coolers and stove, water buckets and so on. and while you’re at it, make that your goal for this coming summer. Accumulate a camping kit and go tenting on your vacation. Learn how to use the equipment. Learn to cook on a camp stove and wood fire. It’ll be fun for you and the family, and you’ll learn how to survive the coming times.

And as for global warming, it ain’t gonna happen my friend. There will be an increasing number and intensity of natural calamities, but not because we use fossil fuels. They will happen because God’s will demands it happen for the fulfillment of his plan for us all.

Oh, and by the way, be prepared for another on over the next couple of days.

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