I’m sure you all remember the days of Y2K, frequently billed as the end of society by the preparedness shock jock crowd, just as the coming 2012 end of the world saga is being billed. It would be nice if that were true. After all, if you are certain that you only have five years until the end of the earth, wouldn’t that be the time to really crank u the debt load? Yee-Haw—mansions for all the kiddies. Not to mention that good cigar I’ve always wanted. But you know how it works. Somebody suggests an impending doom and all the henney-penney’s start running around the farm yard whining about the falling sky.

But beyond that, 2012 I mean, there are a great many more terror mongers trying to sell their own brand of doomsday ideology and the necessary survival products that go along with their spiel. I frequently read through advertisements and news articles trying to keep tabs on the survival and preparedness community and developing trends, and I find a disturbing number of vendors trying to cash in on fear, rather than promote a responsible approach to the industry of preparedness and survival supplies and equipment.

Books galore line the shelves promoting for the most part an annoying ignorance of the facts of science and society. Global warming never was a concern. It was never going to happen. Neither will the world come to an end in December of 2012. These are some of the more widespread stories being hawked. And now there seems to be a new terror developing from the right wing Tea Party movement in that there are some calling for an open, armed if necessary rebellion against this nations elected government. Is this a good idea? Not in a million years. But to be honest, in spite of the cries for revolt, I don’t see one actually coming to fruition. For one thing, the vast majority of tea party goers are average, conservative citizens simply fed up with the direction this nations is heading in.

The problem here is that there is a very small minority of people itching to A; get some recognition, B; get some attention, and C; sell their books and other publications. Let’s take a look at some sites on the issue. Alex Jones seems to deal with a lot of this sort of stuff, so we’ll try him first. His TruthNews.US blog had a piece back in February of last year, A Tax Revolt Hits The United States In 2009? John Paul Mitchell, the writer of this particular post says Maybe it is time for people everywhere to stand up against their governments and revolt. He also says that Unfortunately, our country and our world doesn’t have a revolutionist like Jesus any longer.

A big wrong-o on that point Mr. Mitchell. Jesus is very much alive, and while he isn’t physically here, the Holy Spirit is. And He has a plan for each and every one of us, and it will be fulfilled. The question we have to ask ourselves is; which side of God’s plan do we stand on? An armed revolution is always a possibility, remember the three Ps of preparedness? But it is highly unlikely. You’ll notice the advertising for Alex Jones’ media empire in the side bar.

Another piece, this one on the pretty blue Crooks and Liars blog asks Is Sean Hannity urging Americans to armed revolt? The writer of this one, David Niewort says When mainstream talk show hosts, addressing an audience that is politically stymied and increasingly angry and frustrated, start talking about “revolution,” they have to be aware that some of the more unstable elements in that audience — particularly the paranoia-prone folks who have just been told repeatedly by the Hannitys and other Fox pundits that the DHS considers them a terrorist threat — are going to be acting that rhetoric out in violent ways.

Glenn Thrush, in his Politico blog says Bachmann urges “armed” revolt over climate plan
and quotes her as saying “I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back. Thomas Jefferson told us ‘having a revolution every now and then is a good thing,’

These are just three quickly found references. When I typed in US armed revolt into the search engine I got over three million results. At the snap of a finger, too. But the point here is that we need to seriously look at the potential for armed conflict here in the US as we develop our preparedness plans. Is there really much of a potential? Depends upon who you talk to, and whether they’re selling a book on the subject or not. Chances are, if they’re making bucks on the terror, they’re pushing it, one way or another.

Before you go off the deep end and load up on firearms you don’t need, which will only bring unwanted attention, I would suggest you do some research and investigate a broad range of discussions over the issue. Will we have another civil war in this nation? It is inevitable, and to some degree, I believe, something that must happen for the will of God to be fulfilled. There are many reasons I feel that way, but I won’t go into them in this post. You’ll have to listen to my radio show to find that out. Yep, the button is to the right if you want to listen, and yes, I too have something to sell.

Please plan away, as we must do to maintain at least some sort of normalcy as the main stream media flaps around like a wounded turkey. Someone has to keep a sense of what really counts in this nation. Those of us who practice the preparedness way will survive long after the bulk of the population have gone into voluntary servitude to the coming times because they won’t know how to function, or worse, refuse to function as free human beings. I suspect these preparedness shock jocks are in for an unpleasant shock themselves when they really taste the coming times.


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