3.0 Earthquake in Maine

Just as an alert to those in Maine that think it can’t happen here, it did. Minor of course, in the grand scheme of things, but we did have an earthquake to day. There have in fact been many quakes in Maine, with the largest recorded being a 4.8 in Bowmanton Township in 1973. Prior […]

ADD to Survive

That’s right folks! I’ve come up with another witty way to get ready for the end times. All we have to do is learn how to add! It’s a pretty simple formula, involving only three steps to implement it, although those three steps can be pretty huge. But the bottom line is that this formula […]

Surviving Without the Grid

Most of the times we zip through life without paying attention to the many little details that make life easy. Then all of a sudden, one of those little details comes up missing and our world comes to a standstill because we cannot function without that little detail. Take electricity for one. It’s always there, […]

Pocket Change for Survival

As the economy continues to decline and we start to realize what lays ahead for us, a discussion keeps cropping up over what kind of investment should we make for the coming times. We know that we will have to buy some sort of supplies or other needs, but will we be able to simply […]

Mud Runs and Thin Ice

Winter is now decaying into spring across most of the United States, and with it comes a new season of disasters and survival situations to contend with. Last month if we ventured into the wilds we were prepared, hopefully, to survive an extended period of time in the frozen wilderness. If we got lost or […]

Preparing for the Loss of Our Sovereignty

Gaining a Health Care Bill, but losing our nation; The health care bill has passed through the bowels of our political system relatively unscathed. It was bound to happen, in spite of the opposition. Why is that? because the passage of this bill is just another step towards the surrender of this nations sovereignty to […]

Springtime Wildfires

Springtime always brings much more than April rains and May flowers. It also brings flooding, wiping out home after home and causing millions of dollars worth of damage every year. It brings out something else as well that we should all be aware of, and prepare for, and that is the seasonal wildfires that occur […]