In the world of Sci-Fi, both print and image, there has been a long running fascination with the idea of a post apocalyptic world. Questions whirl around the desire to build what some would like this fictional future to be. For the most part, the post apocalyptic world is created in one of four scenarios. Either an international, worldwide military engagement between two or more nations unleashes a nuclear holocaust destroying most of the world’s population. A second choice is frequently a barrage of space debris wipes out most of the earth’s land and infrastructure elements. Then there is the third choice, alien beings destroy us in a race war, and finally, in the fourth choice we do ourselves in because we like to dabble a little too deeply in things best left alone, such as biological research.

And we seem to keep resurrecting the same old story, under a new name and supposed idea, but it’s really the same old tired message in a brand new wrapper. I see the BBC is re-issuing a 1070s series by the name of Survivors, another Terry Nation product. Where have you heard that name before? Try Dr. Who, one of my all time favorite Sci-Fi shows until they modernized it into stupidity. Tom Baker made the show a lasting classic, supported by earlier actors such as Pertwee and others. Sigh. I wonder when Dark Shadows will be rehashed and regurgitated into a new idea that doesn’t come close to the original. But that’s another story, we’re talking survival of the future here.

According to the original Survivors blog; Survivors is a 38 episode, three-series post-apocalyptic TV drama produced by the BBC between 1975 and 1977. Conceived by Terry Nation (one of the creative talents behind Doctor Who and the originator of the Blake’s 7 sci-fi drama) the series follows the travails and adventures of a group of British survivors who emerge unscathed from a deadly biological epidemic — unleashed by a laboratory accident which wipes out more than 99% of the world’s population — into a desolate and almost empty world.

The series ran in a daytime slot and received high ratings, assuring repeated seasons, and was re-released in the 93-94 seasons on BBC. Mostly due to fan interest I suppose. Subsequent DVDs have been released in multi disc arrangements with different series and special feature combos, and a planned remake of the series was scrapped in the latter 90s. And then on 23 March of this year, Survivors reappears once again, this time in the US, following last year’s British debut of the remake.

I haven’t seen the videos of the original series, but I did some poking around after my interest in the show was piqued by a article by Chuck Colson. Just like the original, the world’s population has been reduced because of choice #4, biological reasons that wiped out 99% of mankind through a flu pandemic. The WHO and their UN cronies must have rubbed their hands in glee at the timing of this show given the false claims of the promised H1N1 pandemic that never grew bigger than a cough in minor history.

Depicted as struggling survivors making a life out of a world free of modern technology, the cast is the usual cross section of British actors trying to accommodate all of the population samples in that nations liberal makeup. Here’s part of what Colson says about the show; The principal characters are intended to represent a cross-section of British society: a housewife and mother-turned leader, an 11-year-old boy, a doctor, a millionaire playboy, and even a convicted murderer. They are of different races and ethnic background, and their accents indicate that they come from different parts of Britain.

There’s only one thing missing in all this carefully thought out diversity: Christianity. Islam is represented by the 11-year-old boy. He is always expressing his faith in God, saying his prayers and asking which way is east. He defends his faith in conversations with the playboy, himself a non-practicing Muslim. In fact, apart from the housewife-turned-leader, he is the most well-grounded and sympathetic person on Survivors.

Hmm. No Christianity? I’m not at all surprised, actually. Most of the people that fear the future do not have Christ in their lives, and so they have much to fear. But they don’t really see that part of it. By portraying this rag tag group of would be survivors as Christ less merely indicates a belief that there will be no believers on earth after the apocalypse, whatever that may be. Seems almost biblically inspired, doesn’t it?

Whether the producers of the show want you to believe that Islam is a main stream faith in Britain or not, the fact is that a growing percentage of the world’s population seem to embracing the idea of secularism in the world. A rejection of Jesus Christ and the truth of there being only one true God, if you will. And that loss of faith leaves an empty hole in the soul that leaves a man un-whole. And so we become afraid of what may come to be in the coming times. But there really is no need to fear the future. Whatever will be, will be, and we cannot change the will of God one iota. Why would we want to?

There will be some rough times for all, but if you stop and prepare wisely for the coming times, you will be all set, and fare quite well while those around you run around like a head with its chicken cut off. Yeah, I know, it’s supposed to be chicken with its head cut off, but it’s funnier the other way. At any rate. Emergency preparedness is not just something you should do because the weather bimbo says there may be a storm coming. Emergency preparedness is a tool, a plan, a way to map out your future. The money supply will dwindle, and prices will increase, and products will become difficult to come by, especially survival supplies, so start now before it is too late. Prepare for the coming times, my friends, for we stand upon the threshold of the end of time, and the only future we will see is the one that lays in front of us.

And of course, those who are true believers of Jesus Christ have an inside edge, for we know what lies in store for us in the end times, don’t we?


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