Gaining a Health Care Bill, but losing our nation;

The health care bill has passed through the bowels of our political system relatively unscathed. It was bound to happen, in spite of the opposition. Why is that? because the passage of this bill is just another step towards the surrender of this nations sovereignty to the New World Order. It seems a far stretch, I know, but that is exactly what is happening to our country. And I am afraid to say that this is indeed what must happen for the will of God to come into fruition. The world must be of one voice, one vision, one thought, one world, for the prophecies spoken of in Daniel and the Revelation of John to come true.

I’ve written before of my thoughts concerning the UN and other agencies or organizations that seem bent towards one single goal. That goal is best laid open in the United Nations Agenda 21 curriculum. What is Agenda 21? In short, Agenda 21 is simply one of the tools the UN uses to achieve their Millennium Development Goals(MDGs), with a date for achievement of those goals set for completion and full compliance by the year of 2015.

In general, the MDGs are a set of goals that the UN, through the behest of numerous Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs) that, in the mind of these NGOs will make the world a better place for all. It is a commendable desire, but in practice the levying of these goals upon the world structure simply manages to lay in place a surreptitious veil of socialism under the guise of democracy. The supporters of this new world order have replaced equality with equity, and commanded that we all have equivalent equity as a way to define equality.

Why, in particular, is this Health Care Bill such an important piece of legislation? Do we really need to have had it passed so quickly, with little opportunity for real study or debate? The rush to pass this bill is the reason the opposition is so dramatic, at least in some part. But what are the other reasons to oppose this piece of legislation? Why are so many lobbyists opposed to its passage. And looking at the same coin from the other side, why are there so many lobbyists pushing and prodding to have it enacted into law so quickly?

More importantly, what does this law really do in relation to its claim to reduce the costs of healthcare and make health insurance available to everyone? Let’s look at the costs first, or at least a summary of them. Donny Shaw posted an informative summary from the CBO on the bills proposed accomplishments at the Open Congress Blog. Personally, I’d say there are a lot better ways of getting people on insurance. But then, this bill isn’t really about getting people insured, nor is it about controlling health care costs, either.


House Bill
Passed House 11/07/09 by a vote of 220-215

Senate Bill
Passed Senate 12/24/09 by a vote of 60 to 39

Reconciliation Bill
Amends the Senate bill, vote expected in House 3/21

Gross cost of coverage provisions

$1.2 trillion

$875 billion

$940 billion

Net savings

$138 billion

$118 billion

$138 billion

Insurance coverage expansion

36 million more people would have coverage than under current law. In total, 94% of the population would be insured

31 million more people would have coverage than under current law. In total, 92% of the population would be insured

32 million more people would have coverage than under current law. In total, 95% of the population would be insured

Expansion of Medicaid

15 million Americans would be added to Medicaid

15 million Americans would be added to Medicaid

16 million Americans would be added to Medicaid

Number of American who would remain uninsured

18 million

24 million

23 million

Change in employer-provided insurance

6 million more people will get employer coverage

4 million fewer people would have employer coverage than under current law

4 million fewer people would have employer coverage than under current law

Average subsidy for people buying insurance with government aid

$6,800 per year

$5,800 per year

$6,000 per year

No matter how you look at the numbers, in the real world this action stinks to high heaven. The House people wanted to spend 1.2 trillion of our money, the Senate 875 billion. A compromise was reached and we are initially going to get gouged for 940 billion. At least for now. How much more this will cost is anybody’s guess. The supposed net savings is going to be 138 billion dollars. Savings from what, exactly? What are we saving money on? The bucks for this program is coming from all of our pockets, and it is spending money we don’t have, for something we may not actually get.

Under the reconciliation bill an additional 32 million people would be covered by insurance, making a total of 95% of the population insured. However, that leaves 23 million Americans uninsured, and ADDS 16 million people to Medicaid, which leaves 39 million people sucking off the public dole, over and above what this insurance is going to cost us. 4 million people would be losing their workplace coverage, which makes absolutely no sense to me. And yet the plan is to cut Medicaid spending to provide for some of the plans cost reduction/savings.

But here’s the big kicker to these numbers, people buying insurance with government aid will be able to get $6,000 every year as a subsidy, covered by hardworking Americans that work and do the right thing by paying taxes, and buying insurance to cover their own health needs.

Bartering Health Care for UN control?

The House Bill(HR 3200) states its purpose as; To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending, and for other purposes. In a nutshell, the goal of the PRO army (Pelosi Reid Obama) is to enable more people to obtain health insurance and lower the cost of premiums, making insurance more affordable for all. Of course, you realize that this means a total restructuring of the insurance industry as we know it today, right. To do that would take one hell of a lot of public support, and these legislators have accomplished that by demonizing the insurance industry, and making them the reason costs are so high, not the health insurance industry.

Another item in the basket of goals is to make health insurance a universal instrument so that all persons may obtain insurance, and take that policy with them wherever they go. Just like in socialist countries such as Great Britain, France, Belgium and others. The only way this could be done, of course, is through financing the poorer segments of our population through subsidization by way of tax credits and direct subsidies.

Another goal of the PRO crowd is to make insurance policies available to people who do work for a living through their workplace, and this is done through mandatory insurance requirements and other tools the government uses to force employer paid insurance, whether that employer can afford it or not. So how do I relate all of this to the UN and the loss of our sovereignty? It’s pretty simple, and quite clear if you do some thorough research.

Here’s an interesting clip from a UN page under the UN ECOSOC Ministerial Review ‘Extending coverage of health care’

In order to raise the health status of populations, the top policy priority for government is expanding the coverage of affordable health services. This requires some degree of public support. The main options comprehensive health care are : 1) extending progressively an existing social insurance scheme, making it universal by targeting poor/excluded groups; 2) introducing universal benefits/services, financed from general taxes/state revenues; 3) encouraging contributory micro-insurance schemes for the informal sector. Enabling each individual to enjoy a long and healthy life is both a fundamental development goal and a means of enhancing a country’s potential for development more generally.

Gee, sounds just like what the PRO wants to do here in the US, doesn’t it? And by forcing it through, we beat the deadline for 2015 that the UN has set for accomplishing their Millennium Development Goals.

Let’s visit Sect.100 of the Bill:


(a) Purpose

(1) IN GENERAL- The purpose of this division is to provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending.

(2) BUILDING ON CURRENT SYSTEM- This division achieves this purpose by building on what works in today’s health care system, while repairing the aspects that are broken.

(3) INSURANCE REFORMS- This division–

(A) enacts strong insurance market reforms;

(B) creates a new Health Insurance Exchange, with a public health insurance option alongside private plans and cooperatives under subtitle D of title II;

(C) includes sliding scale affordability credits; and

(D) initiates shared responsibility among workers, employers, and the government;
so that all Americans have coverage of essential health benefits.

(4) HEALTH DELIVERY REFORM- This division institutes health delivery system reforms both to increase quality and to reduce growth in health spending so that health care becomes more affordable for businesses, families, and government

This health bill has very little to do with addressing the actual cost of health care, but rather institutes massive government control over the insurance industry that has never existed before. We will in fact see a decline in the quality and availability of the health care we receive in the future.

We’ve been had by the leaders of this country, and betrayed by those same leaders for the sake of adhering to their own socialistic ideologies and the price will be our freedom. There are now three lanterns hanging in the Bell Tower. The time to discuss is over. Remember that when you step into the ballot box.

Welcome to the Revolution. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America.

(More on this subject can be heard on upcoming episodes of Surviving The Times Radio.)


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