I’ve finally gotten around to dot coming a site for this project, which can be found at www.survivingtimes.com. I’m going to have an index ofpreparedness and survival related articles, videos and the like for your use in making your emergency and disaster preparedness plans.

I have two short pieces on the site already, a couple of 1950s erapublic information films on radiation risk and dangers. As I have said before, while the Cold War seems to be over, the threat of nuclear based attack, either through a high altitude EMP or a low level dirty bomb detonation is steadily increasing. Chatter throughout the industry is increasingly indicative of the level of this threat, and seems to suggest an attack somewhere in the world is imminent.

We need to take it upon ourselves to learn all we can about this potential danger and take actions to prepare for and protect ourselves and our families from this threat. Stay tuned for more information. both here on the Surviving the Times blog and at www.survivingtimes.com.

And don’t forget to pick up a copy of A Handy Disaster Preparedness Guide!

A Handy Disaster Preparedness Guide

A Handy Disaster Preparedness Guide

Print: $14.95

Download: $10.00

A compilation of tips and how to’s on developing an emergency preparedness plan, and how to get ready for natural and man-made disasters. Also includes a comprehensive listing of state and federal agencies to contact for more help and assistance in dealing with emergency planning and dealing with the aftermath of a disaster.


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