National Hurricane Week; May 23-29, 2010

I thought I would share this week declaring May 23rd through May 29th to be National Hurricane Week by proclamation of President Barak Hussein Obama. In light of the fact that hurricanes continue to be our most pressing recurring disaster issues I have also put up a new widget called “Atlantic Hurricane Notes” and will […]

Survival Guns

I’ve been asked several times for an opinion on survival guns. What is the best gun to have? How many should you have? What caliber? And so on. What this and what that, but people seem to miss an important point when thinking about survival and guns. First of all, let me say that I […]

The Preparedness World

A lot of readers may not realize it, but the preparedness movement is actually a worldwide movement, with followers from all over the globe it seems. YouTube boasts of a good charge of self made videos from both sides of the pond and there are a growing, and seemingly endless number of blogs and forums […]

Hidey Holes for Survival

One of the many hot topics today in the world of survival is the aspects of creating a cache and developing a location you can bug out to when the going gets gone. I’ve already posted on the lowly cache in Your Survival Cache back in December, and I am planning on going into the […]

Potassium Iodide

Since I’ve been looking at the threat of a dirty bomb attack as a real, and having high probability of occurrence I thought I would look at what may be the only widely available medical treatment for radiation contamination to a human. Potassium Iodide, KI, is a salt, white in color that is widely available […]

Atomic Attack in the US; part 3

We’ve been looking at the potential for a nuclear attack upon the US soil, and there are currently two fields of opinion as to what types of attack that may come. A widespread MAD war or war of mutually assured destruction is highly unlikely given the political and economic climes of today. Instead, what we […]

Atomic Attack in the US; part 2

Last time we began to look at the possibilities involving an attack on this nation via a nuclear payload of some sort. There are many possible mechanisms that could deliver such a blow, from a backpack sized “dirty” bomb to an ICBM level HEMP detonation/attack. In looking at the probabilities surrounding any missile generated attack, […]