A lot of readers may not realize it, but the preparedness movement is actually a worldwide movement, with followers from all over the globe it seems. YouTube boasts of a good charge of self made videos from both sides of the pond and there are a growing, and seemingly endless number of blogs and forums dealing with all things survival today. Over thirty years ago when I first became interested in all things survival there wasn’t even an internet to connect to people with, and things sure have changed a lot over the years. It used to be that getting ready to survive the coming times meant having a closet full of Spam and toilet paper.

Today we have and endless array of tools gadgets and gizmos, food that can stay fresh for thirty years or more and even water that comes in little foil pouches. And we have opinions as well. But not like there used to be. Gone are the days when survivalism meant be ready to get back to civilization after capsizing your canoe on that remote mountain lake. Today, preparedness means being ready for the coming times, whatever they may bring.

Depending upon where you come from you may have different opinions on how to survive a situation, how to get by and come out on top. If you come from a city, then you are probably thinking about tribal survival in your own little conclave, snuggled into an industrial block. If you live in the country you’re probably thinking about making sure you have plenty of heirloom seed on hand. Live on the coast? Then you may be dreaming of that boat you can set sail on and survive on the sea. Mountain people are thinking of waiting out the storm hunkered down in the backwoods somewhere. Whatever community you come from, you have a different scheme for surviving the coming times. Some will work and be a great success; other plans will be a devastating failure.

But how can we know whether our plan will be successful, or be a plan that leaves us clutched in the talons of the beastly times to come? Beats me, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to planning the future.

In looking at some of the material out there from both sides of the great pond I find that there is a definite difference in attitudes and supposed outcomes of what may come to past. Take the old firepower question, for instance. Over here in the US almost everyone plans on surviving the coming times with a firearm at hand. Full scale war seems to be expected by all. But in other countries firearms rarely enter the planning stages. Why is that? It’s because we have a different relationship with firearms than people in mainly socialized countries have. They generally can’t have them, so they have learned to live without them, and as such firearms never enter the discussion, for the most part. Will we need them? I’m counting on the need to have them, for many reasons. Those that have them will be far more victorious than those that don’t.

One thing that we can count on for sure though, is that everyone, whether here in the US, or some other country like Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France or any other country will need to address the same basic needs, no matter the country or environment. We all need water, we all need food, we all need medical care, we all need to you know what in a bucket, and we all need security. And that’s really what we should all be concentrating on. The common goals of a disparate community of survivalists are all the same, no matter what your opinion is of the situation.

There are many reasons to want to be prepared, and like it or not, almost all of them revolve around or are based upon the world’s geopolitical situation. Conspiracies abound and the developing one world government lends fire to the drive to prepare for the coming times. The next few years will not be pleasant ones as the world continues to slide further and further into financial disarray. The economy is not improving, despite what the main stream media wants you to believe. Governments around the world are getting bigger, and seizing more power while subjugating their citizens to an increasingly suppressive world.

There are many suggestions posited as to what we will be facing, but most of them, actually all of them but one will one day be shown true or false. Who has the right knowledge of the coming times? Who will be correct prophet of the coming times? Time will tell, but I for one intend to waste none of it chasing after false prophecies.

The world of preparedness is a big world, with lots of different people and ideas. But we all have the same common goals.


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