I’ve decided to run a little survival scenario on my internet show, Surviving The Times, just to experiment with emergency and disaster planning, and to make it interesting will make it play out as a survival war gaming exercise.

So here’s where we start our little survival war game; at a mall with a few hundred confused people, and a lack of civil authority to control the situation. A high altitude nuclear burst has caused an EMP to affect who knows how much of the country’s infrastructure, but no one knows that this is what has occurred.

Let’s say it’s a Saturday night down at the old local mall, maybe around 4:00 PM or so. Not really night but close enough for our purposes. Unbeknownst to the shoppers, a short time earlier, a rogue government launched a scud ballistic rocket from a Club K missile launch system housed in the hold of an old fishing boat off the coast of Commiefornia. The warhead detonated at an altitude of approximately 400 kilometers in altitude.

Giving a blast potential of about hundreds of Kilotons, it affected everything within a radius that included most of the contiguous 48 states, excepting southern Florida and northern Maine, all of the southern third of the Canadian provinces from the Alaska border to Quebec, inclusive. It also affected the northern half of Mexico. The detonation occurred over Oklahoma instead of Nebraska, nor did the missile reach the desired altitude, so the damage was not quite as great as it could have been.

We’ll get into more details as to why these threats exist and exactly what they are as time goes on, but what we are trying to do here is create a real life situation that we can use to establish a way to analyze our preparedness planning to determine its efficacy over a wide range of potential threats and disasters.

So here we are at the mall with the wife and kids. Mom and daughter are looking at clothing while dad and the boys are over in the tool department in Sears. Where else would they be? For this story, the main characters compose a family of a dad, mom, two boys and one girl.

The lights go dark without warning, and surprise, surprise! There are no emergency lights. The boys are afraid of the sudden darkness, but you say, no prob’ boys, all under control. Being a Prepper junkie with a survivalist streak a mile long you pull out your cell phone and push the button to activate the walkie-talkie feature and talk to the wife. Dead silence reigns in the world of communications.

Right about then you start to get concerned. People are milling towards the doorway towards what light there is outside, and the managers are trying to make sure nobody leaves with any product. Fortunately, you have a small LED flashlight in your pocket, and you turn it on. Grabbing the younger boy by the hand and telling the older son to follow close, you make your way over to the wife and daughter, and since your wife has an identical flashlight, you soon make contact.

After discussing the situation you both agree that this isn’t a normal power outage and you trail along behind the exiting crowds to avoid being jostled too greatly by the panicked mini horde.

Arriving in the parking lot, you suddenly realize that no one is going anywhere. Nobody’s car seems to be operating, and people are beginning to seriously panic. You realize that this is some kind of an EMP attack, though you have no idea how widespread and serious the attack has been.

Subconsciously you begin to get excited at the prospect of being able to use all of the survival skills you and your family have been learning and planning for. Yee-haw you think let the games begin. The wife and kids have a different idea though. They want to know how you plan on getting them home. And they are hungry, and want to eat at the chain restaurant like you promised they could. After all, the house is thirty miles away, and nobody seems to be going anywhere with their cars.

So, what do you do at this point?

So far, you are in a crowded public area, you have no light, no communication, and apparently no leadership coming from the authorities. Where do you go from there?

I’ll be running this game for a while and the scenario will twist and turn depending upon response from the listeners. Listen to the show to get an idea of what’s going on. The main concept behind this exercise is to learn to develop your emergency and disaster planning following the ADD system of planning. Analyze your situation and resources, Develop a plan of action and Deploy that plan for a successful result.

Email your responses to me over the next week at gamenotes@survivingtimes.com and I will go over them for the next show. The best responses will be shared as we continue on war gaming with Surviving a HEMP Attack.

Listen to the show here:   Listen to D.l.soucy on Blog Talk Radio    and join in on the fun and excitement!


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