In a New York Times article, Imagining Life without Oil, and Being Ready, John Leland takes a look at the prospects for the future concerning the peak oil theory, and the resulting confusion, claims and urgency to act the theory has produced. A resurgence of the hysteria behind the theory has arisen, in large part due to BPs recent catastrophe as the leak caused by the demise of the rig Deepwater Horizon continues to spew thousands of barrels of oil daily into the Gulf of Mexico. Hopefully partially contained by the emplacement of the new dome, perhaps we will soon be able to move on to the next stage of the game and start pointing fingers and placing blame on the fiasco.

It’s surprising that nobody seems to have started a widespread conspiracy rumor concerning the accident and resulting ecological damage. After all, BP is a bedmate to the United Nations, and this makes for a perfect scenario to impose even tighter control and regulation upon the petroleum industry. Exactly what am I suggesting? What I am suggesting is that this so called disaster may not be such a disaster after all, depending upon your view of the situation.

In looking at some of the facts surrounding the incident, it appears as though BP has an atrocious safety record compared to the other mega-oil corporations that utilize deep water drilling rigs. It also appears as though corners were cut, and seemingly, BP knowingly placed not only the people working on the rig, but the well and environment at risk in favor of cutting costs. The blow-out valves failed after an unexpected methane explosion, and it is entirely possible that BP is using the incident to further global controls over the industry, and to provide another reason for implementation of new taxes.

Added to that, it is apparent that our President, the great B.O. refuses to talk to the CEO of BP on the telephone or in person. Additionally, several nations and multi-national corporations with experience in these matters came forward and volunteered their expertise in handling the situation. As far as I can tell, all offers were rebuffed by the Obama administration and BP. Why would this be? Or can we infer, as Rahm Emanuel has often been quoted as saying, never let a crisis go to waste? Could it be that this administration wants the leakage to continue? And further, could it be that these events are being directed behind the scenes by the ever present United Nations?

After all, if this leak spreads into international waters, it becomes an international problem, of which the UN will undoubtedly try to take control of. It will cost a great deal to remedy the damage caused by this spill, and what better way to pay for it is there than by imposing a global tax upon the petroleum industries. It is well known that the UN wants the power to impose taxation upon its member nation, but it cannot do that at present. However, the member nations can impose taxation upon their own citizens and industries and pass this revenue on to the UN for their own usage. We will have to wait and see what happens, but I do believe that very shortly the BP leak, and whether its continuation is deliberate, will turn into the newest conspiracy theory to be swirling around the toilet bowl of alternative media.

The question of the day will be; was this leak, and/or it’s allowed continuance planned by BP, the UN and the US government?

But what does this leak have to do with Peak Oil? If in fact there is a point where the world’s oil supplies begin to decline and cease to exist, then there would be cause for concern over the loss of these millions of barrels of oil. Does there seem to be much concern over the loss of oil? No, and in fact the only cause for concern to be addressed thus far is the economic and ecological damage that has occurred. Very little has been mentioned regarding the potential impact these millions of barrels will have on the world’s oil supply.

It should be accepted as a matter of course that we will eventually run out of petroleum, but the question is when that will happen is the question. Petroleum is not a manufactured product, but a found product and so there is only the oil that is to be had at our disposal. Some analysts suggest we have already passed that point of no return, while still others suggest that point will not arrive until a 2040 to 2050 time frame. Either way, if there is a true urgency to alleviate any pressure against the oil supply, this leak should have been stopped by now.

We hear a lot about the value and need for the oil from Mid-Eastern countries, but is that the only place we can get oil from? Not at all. We get oil from all over the world, and the main consideration for drilling is the costs involved, followed by the quality of the oil. Do we need to drill on our own soil to eliminate the perceived oil shortage? Again, no we do not. We drill on our own soil because it can be cheaper than paying off some third world politician, and because the oil we get from our own soil can be sold on our terms, meaning according to the value of US currency.

So is this BP created disaster really as big a deal as the main stream media wants us to believe it is? I don’t think so. I believe we are being led down another twisting road that will merely lead us further into slavery to the new world order. Why? Well, if it is such a big deal, why haven’t the oil fields in Nigeria been addressed?

A recent Guardian.UK article describes the real horror behind an out of control petroleum disaster. The article states; In fact, more oil is spilled from the delta’s network of terminals, pipes, pumping stations and oil platforms every year than has been lost in the Gulf of Mexico… the article describes an ongoing ordeal that dwarfs the potential the Deepwater Horizon disaster contributes. Pollution is rampant from petroleum, including puddles ponds and streams inundated with leaking oil. The Deepwater Horizon incident claimed 11 lives, but one pipeline rupture alone in 2008 exploded, killing over 100 people.

Where was the outrage? The environment of the Niger Delta has been destroyed, with the presence of over 600 oilfields pumping oil towards the coast and the waiting tankers. 40% of the oil we use here in the United States comes from this area. But again, where is the outrage? The article goes on to say; According to Nigerian federal government figures, there were more than 7,000 spills between 1970 and 2000, and there are 2,000 official major spillages sites, many going back decades, with thousands of smaller ones still waiting to be cleared up. So, compared to Deepwater Horizon, there doesn’t seem to be that much of a concern over all of the spilled oil. It seems to be acceptable to continue to allow people’s lives and livelihoods in Nigeria to be destroyed, but totally unacceptable for those people who live along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. How come?

Is there really an imminent crisis in the world’s oil supply, or do the theories simply serve to meet the needs of a select group of world leaders? And can we survive a peak oil crisis?

We can in fact survive the loss of petroleum as a fuel source. It will take some adjustments, and maybe a reduction in the quantity of life, but it can be done. Start now to look at the possibility of installing solar electric panels for your electricity supply needs. Hydronic heating for your home can be installed, supplied by solar water heating panels as well. Woodstoves, or pellet stoves can also be utilized as well. It doesn’t take much to heat your home in the winter time if you plan ahead.

Try to situate your home so that it is close enough to your employment to either walk or ride a bicycle. Shopping should also be relatively close. Plant a garden and use the food you grow instead of going to the store so frequently. Peak oil may well be close at hand, but it needn’t be the end of the world. The bigger problem will be from the hysteria and panic caused by the arrival of this catastrophic turn of events. Rioting, looting and increasing government control will make things very difficult if you are not prepared and haven’t situated yourself to survive the coming times. Start now to plan by using the ADD system, and remember if you wait much longer to get your plans in place; it will indeed be too late to act. You will have to settle for the handouts a bankrupt and corrupt government have to offer.

Is that what you really want for your future?


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