Surviving The Times

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Why did I write Surviving the Times? There are a lot of reasons, but probably the most relevant reasons are because; #1. I am a bit of a preparedness freak; and #2. As I look around the marketplace at the offerings available to people like me I see far too much of a certain type of product being foisted upon a public that is becoming increasingly frustrated and frightened of the coming times, but very few offerings to help people learn to make their own decisions when it comes to survival needs.

Needs for survival change from person to person, climate to climate and environment to environment, and yet all we seem to see offered for products are the same one size fit all 72 hour packs that often contain items not everyone needs, but always leaves out one thing or another that we do need. This book attempts to plug that hole between the need and don’t need state we all come to at some point in our preparedness planning efforts.

Simply put, too often we see people being told you need this product, this tool and that gadget, and you need to do this action to survive. And this isn’t always the case. But by taking the time to think things through you can develop a tailor made plan that will fit your specific needs. And you can do it without buying tons of food and equipment you probably will never need.

Nor do you need an extensive library of books describing the act of becoming prepared or survivalism. In my research I have picked up an extensive library of survival guides and preparedness manuals, and I can safely tell you that for the most part, many of the offerings today merely mimic somebody else’s ideas and plan.

You do need to learn, and by learning you will obviously purchase books on various topics, but you do need to examine the books you are considering carefully. Do you already own a book that tells you what you already know? Then you are better off buying a different book that addresses skills you need to learn about and develop.

What I intend to do here is to help you develop a sense of what you need to look for and what types of foods, equipment, tools and skills you may need for a long term survival plan for the coming times. You won’t find any cookie cutter formulae in this book. But you will find frank discussion about many of the things we need to prepare for.

You will not find the fear mongering and hysteria that many books base their content upon. You will, of course, find warnings and tips on what to watch far as the world continues upon its natural course of development and decay.

If you are truly and fully prepared for the coming times, then you have absolutely no need to fear whatever may befall us in the future.

I have laid this book out into four different sections, with the first section dealing with some ideas behind your planning efforts. In your planning stage you should develop a binder system for note taking and record keeping, and divide that binder into different sections. Each section should deal with a different topic or area that needs to be addressed in your long and short term planning.

To start out the first section I address the question of why preparedness planning is so important to us in today’s world of new disasters and threats. Following that I go into a discussion surrounding your preparedness binder and some of the topics you should include in your own planning discussions.

I have taken the liberty of dividing preparedness into nine different sections as follows;


Tab 1;     Documentation

Tab 2;     Water                    
Tab 3;     Nutrition                    
Tab 4;     Sanitation                
Tab 5;     Safety and Security            
Tab 6;     Transportation                
Tab 7;      Long Term Needs        
Tab 8;     Go Bags and Bug Out Kits    
Tab 9;      First Aid    

Feel free to add to or delete sections, or even change them around to suit your needs. It’s your binder, and your survival depends upon your skills and knowledge. I would like to suggest that you use a three ring binder as this allows you to also insert photocopied articles and other items into the various sections. A simple wire bound notebook will suffice as well, but you’ll have nowhere near the organizational capabilities that a three ring binder provides. But the choice is entirely yours.

In section two I deal with some of the most controversial and widely discussed topics that I have come across in my own research. These topics include; Respirators and Gas Masks; Emergency Building repairs; Emergency Heating and Cooking; A Survival Armory; and Gold and Silver for Your Survival. These are all topics that seem to be hotly contested on various forums, and you’ll need to come to your own conclusions as to how to deal with each of these issues. Each of us is in a different state of need and ability, and just because the survival guru du jour says something is fact, doesn’t make it so. Do your own research and planning, and your knowledge will increase by it.

Section three deals with specific incident topics such as extreme heat, hurricanes, terrorism and other emergency situations. Most of this section comes from several of the various government issued books and pamphlets dealing with these same topics. It’s all interesting and good advice, no matter the source. I think at this time I would strongly recommend that you visit the website to learn more about dealing with emergencies. They have several free publications available for download as a pdf that can add greatly to your knowledge base.

In section four I provide a database of state, federal a private national websites and contact information available here in the United States. I would suggest you also find your own state emergency office contact and visit their site(s) to see what they have to offer the public in the way of information. It would also be a good idea to learn of the various local and state emergency plans ahead of time so that you can know what to expect when the proverbial crap hits the fan. Evacuation is probably one of the worst orchestrated responses to any disaster anywhere, and that fact can be traced to the lack of knowledge by the public on what to do and where to go when the order to evacuate is issued.

In summary, let me say that this book should not be looked upon as an end all manual for preparedness planning and survivalism. Instead, look upon it as a jumping off point for your own journey towards self reliance and survival. I point you in some directions, but whether you take them or not is entirely up to you. You and you alone are responsible for your own life and well being, and the life and well being of your family.

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