There are many problems involved in the entire spectrum of readiness that we encounter, but when we realize what the problem is, it’s usually too late. That’s not really a big deal for most of the hundreds of things we have to think about and do. A simple change of plans is all we need to match speed with what’s going on.

There are, however, times when a huge stumbling block gets plunked down in front of us, and the result is we are stopped dead in our tracks. This can be a very bad thing, especially if you haven’t really planned for any contingencies to occur. That’s why I like the preparedness binder method of developing your plans. It allows you to game play various scenarios to see if your planning is on the right track.

As I have mentioned on an earlier Surviving the Times show, evacuations can be one of the worst stumbling blocks to your planning. Frequently, evacuation routes can be difficult to navigate because of harsh weather conditions and the fact that everyone else in town is leaving at the same time.

Failing to determine secondary routes ahead of time can get you bogged down to the point where you may very well run out of gas, or worse. Even having a decent map can get you out of a jamb when you find things are not working out as planned. Of course, you may find the local authorities take a dim view of your taking matters into your own hands, but who cares?

When the proverbial crap hits the fan, it’ll be everyone for their own selves for the most part. That’s why it is important to think about what may possibly happen for emergencies or disasters where you live, today. You shouldn’t rely upon strangers to do what is best for you. Your best interest is not what drives their decision making process.

So what am I talking about here? I’m talking about the fact that at some point and time you may have to shake your fist in the face of someone in authority to survive. There are a lot of websites on the web today that incite and inflame, urging you to buy their product or support their cause to prevent the world from collapsing around you, but when you are in a survival situation, these places will be of no help to you. Neither will my site be able to help you out. That’s because the authority that we hold so high today will be the same authority that will take our precious internet away when it become expedient for them to do so.

How many of you have downloaded and printed out all of those neat little tips that are being shared on the web? When we lose the ability to access electronic information, how will you proceed with solving your problems? Will you have memorized your plan of action?

Anything can happen, anytime, and at any place, and with little to no warning in many cases. A few days ago, here in the US and also four days earlier in China, there were tragedies made by the breaching of two dams. One, here in the US was relatively benign as far as the loss of life and injuries go, but the dam in China killed many of its citizens and left many more injured.

Both dams were breached for the same reasons, unusually excessive rain fall. But the outcomes were far different from each other, and that’s what I want to address on today’s episode of surviving the times.

What happened in China may well happen here in the US if we continue skipping along the rainbow with the liberal crowd of tax and spend while growing the welfare population. It’s amazing how many people have been bought off by the left wing elitists with their generosity when it comes to your tax dollars.

I’ve always said that you can always tell who a conservative republican is because he’s the first guy to give you the shirt off of his back when you’re down and out. Liberal democrats, on the other hand, are always the first to give you the shirt off of somebody else’s back when you’re in need.

Public infrastructure and its maintenance is one of the primary directives given to our government by the US Constitution, as well as by the several state constitutions. Article 1, section 8, clause states that Congress shall have the power to establish Post Offices and post Roads; which relates to the federal involvement of our roads and bridges and so forth, and each state has their own constitution further defining the responsibilities of the care and construction of this infrastructure.

Highways, dams and bridges are in danger of failure because of lack of funding, and yet the debt continues to grow while more and more entitlement money is being wasted to fulfill a corrupt ideology of equality and equity that our forefathers never wanted for their descendents, nor for any other person that may come to be a citizen in this great nation.

Our preparedness planning must include the planning needed to contend with the impending failure of thousands of bridges and hundreds of dams across this country. Instant flooding can occur wiping out planned routes of escape. We can’t do this without taking the time and effort to recon the area around your community and find out where all of those roads go that stretch out into the hinterlands city dwellers call the country.

We also must research the potential danger that may arise should any one of these structures or roadways fail. Will there be massive flooding such as we saw in Delhi this past weekend? Or will it be much worse, as what we saw in China last week as the flood waters overwhelmed the Three Gorges dam on the Yangtze River in China, leaving hundreds dead, and hundreds more missing?

Suppose for a minute that you live in a city that sits on both sides of a river, but with only one bridge to join the two sides together. Then suppose that an earthquake destroyed the bridge, leaving travel between the two sides of the city impossible. And then suppose that the interstate was on that other side of the river from where you live, and you’ve been given an order to evacuate along the interstate highway system. What are you going to do?

You see, preparedness planning is not something you can do on the spur of the moment. It takes time and effort to put in the research, learn the skills and obtain the supplies and tools needed to survive with success in these coming times. You can’t simply jump in the car and run. Although, I will admit there may be times when that is the only option.

But one cannot decide to be prepared and not take action to become prepared. The right action is to develop a plan. The wrong action is to simply dive into a box of MRE’s and say; “Works for me!” Take the time to develop your preparedness plan, and do it wisely. And by the way, check out for more information on how to develop your preparedness plans, or check out the many survival and preparedness blogs and websites available today.


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