My advice to those of you who dwell in the truly urban areas of this nation has always been to get yourself gone, ASAP! Yesterday isn’t soon enough. I know there are large numbers of people who plan on trying to survive what is to come in these urban centers, and there have been several TV shows and movies that show us how simple it will be to take control of a large population center and make a go of it. Unfortunately, this is make-believe. It’s all made up by a scriptwriter and producer, brought to life by a director.

There are many facets of life in the city that are not discussed on these shows, and by not addressing these issues you are merely adding new dangers that you really should not have to be dealing with in an end time’s survival scenario. The city’s infrastructure is a huge burden, and with no one to foot the bill, how do you propose to keep the infrastructure in shape? Roadways will crumble if not maintained, especially under the stress of repeated earthquakes. Who will take care of the roadways? The infrastructure under the streets will also decay and collapse, so if you think simply tooling around in a four wheel drive truck will work, think again. Water and sewer pipes will burst, and any remaining liquids in them will pour forth under these streets undermining the pavement and creating sinkholes that will swallow many vehicles whole. You’ll have a harder and harder time of getting around with a vehicle, and eventually you won’t be able to travel anywhere without great difficulty.

Where do you intend to get your water from? The public water supply will cease to function without power to force the water through the system. Chemicals needed to make safe water for drinking will not be available as there will be no supply houses to obtain them from. And even if there are supply houses that may remain open, who will manufacture these chemicals? Who will test the supply to make sure it remains safe to drink? Then there is the delivery system itself. Sometimes the source of your water supply can be miles away from the city requiring huge outlays of manpower and cash to maintain the mainline piping, sometimes referred to as aqueducts. And don’t forget the hundreds of miles of local delivery piping that lay just under the surface of your streets. Failure to keep these systems safe and secure could lead to contamination of your water supply, not to mention the waste incurred by not repairing the leaks that will occur.

How about electrical power? Where is that going to come from? Very few communities can boast of having their own power generation capabilities, and those that do have them, particularly those with hydro-power will fare better than others. But if we fail because of an EMP or similar event the grid will be useless for distributing power, and according to some analysts it could take a decade or more to get the grid up and running again. Your choices are few in this matter. Fuel will become available in decreasing quantities and you will have to resort to pumping out storage tanks if you wish to run portable generators. Some people seem to believe that they will be able to rely on natural gas, and that too is a fallacy in a widespread breakdown. The natural gas wells need to have someone keep them running, as well as the compressors installed at intervals along the pipelines to keep the gas up to pressure. How do you intend to do that from your secure little enclave of urban survivalists?

There are many more issues that we fail to adequately address in our planning that can cause complete failure to what we want to envision our end time world to look like. Sanitation, communication, transportation, food sources and many more areas need to be fully investigated before we come to a complete understanding of what we have to look forward to in the coming times. Unfortunately, many of us insist that the picture we see is the correct picture, and many times the picture we see will be so distorted by our own pride that we could end up getting people hurt, or worse, killed for no good reason. We like to believe that we can shelter and survive in our snug little city type dwellings, but this is a false dream. The odds of winning a survival scenario in such a setting are so heavily weighed against success that it isn’t worth the effort.

Leave the major population centers for the warlords and gangs that will rise up after the fall of law and order. Ignorance will prevail by brute force and eventually their numbers will be reduced through their own stupidity. True, they will migrate to the countryside and rural communities to forage for that which they are to ignorant to obtain on their own knowledge, but if you have followed my advice and set up small communities of like minded people you will be able to withstand their assaults, provided they can even find you. And if you have followed my advice, they won’t

The primary aspects of survival can be found as what I call the SaWaFo pyramid. Safety, water, and food are the three pinnacle points of need for survival. Water is of course the most vital, but without these three you will not survive long term, no matter what the situation is. Safety, water, and food, are your primary needs, and not necessarily in that order. In a city you have reduced opportunity to find clean potable water, reduced opportunity to plant and grow necessary food and fuel crops, and at the same time an increased level of threat and reduction of a safe environment due to the risk of other people desiring what you have. At least in suburban areas you’ll have greater opportunity for water and food, even though the proximity to the greater population centers increases the potential risk.

Rural is the way to go, no matter how you want to look at the issue. If you find a locality with other like minded people you can band together for defensive purposes, and have plenty of room for crops, fuel plants and clean water from drilled wells.


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