Characterizing the Tea Party movement as “small and dismissible…”

John Conyers addressed a small gathering of the Democratic Socialists of America recently, and the Heritage Foundation shares a video of his little speech whereby this democrat from Michigan publicly and warmly embraced the new world order, and one world governance. You can find the article and video here. Here following are a couple of quotes from the article, but I think it is important to find that he wants to make it certain that Obama is a one termer, but he also wants to see him re-elected. You know what that means in the world of politics. It means that in order to get this groups support, Mr. 44 will be required to make some new pacts with the devil. This is a video you need to watch if you are concerned with surviving the times!

Earlier this month, liberals, leftists and unions staged a sparsely attended “march” in Washington called the “One Nation Rally.” After the event, Americans for Prosperity put together an excellent video that shows the great extent that socialists made up the audience. But now, Heritage has been sent video that shows Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) addressing the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) before the march…

He focuses in on the notion of a “one-world concept” in which every nation is responsible for one another, and beholden to international regimes or multinational organizations. Conyers says: “We understand the significance of it. We know that when unions, political ideology, clergy, labor, civil rights, come together, and just people that are progressive enough to see in this one-world concept, that we’re all in this together. It makes certain things pretty easy to understand where we’re coming from…”

These two quotes from this article demonstrate the need for us all to batten down the hatches and become prepared for that which this nation has not seen, save the War Between the States. With the decline of the dollar, increased governmental control, imposition of controlled media and activation of other tools, we can only be certain of hard times and depression for our future.

We have an opportunity in less than two weeks time to make a difference and begin to divert our future towards a return to our true path as a nation. Please get put and vote, and vote conservative if you value what you have.


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