Most of the politicians we have in office today aren’t worth the clay and spit it took to make them, and everybody knows that. Most people don’t want to admit it either. And so we see politicians spending our money for the purposes of buying your vote. As the times progress into the next stage of the new world order we will be seeing more and more of what today’s younger generation has come to take for granted slowly erode and disappear from life. Social Security will be no exception to the rule. Once touted as an old age insurance program, then pension fund, then a retirement fund, it has really been nothing more than an involuntary tax levied upon the working people of this nation.

H.R. 5987 is just one such vote buying piece of legislation, and in my opinion is just another nail in the coffin for the future of this nation. While I have no problem with social security per se, I do believe that it should be rebuilt into the type of program it was originally designed to be. Failure to do so will cause this program to be eliminated, leaving our future survival options limited to a choice between simple welfare benefits, or living with family until you die.

Originally presented in July of this year (2010), the bill was supposed to be a counter punch to eliminate the voters’ distress over the fact that the Social Security Administration announcements that there would be no COLA adjustments to the seniors benefit checks for the second year in a row. Fortunately it took too long to pass, and many seniors may be reminded that they don’t get a raise this year. With any luck they’ll vote Republican, but I doubt it.

The bill, if passed, requires a onetime payment of 250 dollars to be mailed before April 1st of 2011 to compensate for the lack of that COLA to the recipients of Social Security and SSI monthly checks. That works out to $20.83 per month, which I guess some politicians would consider a big Whoopee. Putting it into practical terms, it won’t fill a 275 gallon fuel tank full of heating oil. It’ll buy a couple of week’s worth of groceries, though. Maybe it can go for part of the rent, some gas for the car or whatever. The point is, $250 goes next to nowhere in today’s economy, and that’s what we need to be prepared for in the coming times.

A lot of people look at the idea of preparedness, and they automatically think of getting lost in the woods, crashing in an airplane, being hit with a tsunami or some other cataclysmic action that takes us all but unawares. But that’s not what being prepared for the coming times is all about. Being prepared for the coming times entails much more than having a pair of jumper cables in your car or a go bag next to your front door. Being prepared for the coming times means having the wherewithal to provide for your own needs without having to rely on somebody’s handouts, whether that be a food pantry, social security checks or having to move in with a relative or your children.

Being prepared is not a onetime action; it is a lifestyle that we need to cultivate. We need to learn to think ahead of ourselves in many ways and means. We need to take a serious look at our food supplies, housing, transportation and medical situation and develop a plan to adjust what we do now so that we can survive the times.

There are many ways that we can do that, but I think it’s safe to say that relying on these onetime chump change checks that politicians like to hand out so they can look good when it comes time for reelection is not one of them. We need to have something else up our sleeves besides planning on getting a check once a month based upon your contributions to this government tax program they call Social Security.

North Dakota’s Earl Pomeroy submitted the bill, along with a whole bunch of other democrats as co-sponsors. There wasn’t a single republican listed on the bill in any way shape or form. Why is that? There may be a truckload of reasons, but the bottom line here is that this onetime payment of $250 amounts to little more than a slap in the face to retirees today, and everyone knows it. Our elderly deserve much better from us today, and those who are younger need to realize that this pitiful arrangement is all we have to look forward to in the future.


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