This is one of the unfortunate things I have come across in the past, and reading yet another obituary makes them no less difficult to read; John Solomon, the life-affirming voice of this blog, died Monday, November 1, from complications following a bone marrow transplant for leukemia. He was 47. John David Solomon was the author of the blog In Case of Emergency, Read Blog. I’ve been reading it for quite a while and have been impressed with what John has chosen to share with the preparedness community regarding his own thoughts and views, as well as the wealth of tips, hints, and just plain news. His was actually one of the first links I placed on this blog when I switched over to mainly writing about preparedness and survival issues.

His voice will be sorely missed in the community. David Shenk had this to say of Mr. Solomon on the blog yesterday;

John was extraordinarily capable, and would have made a major contribution to any field. He loved his work in disaster preparedness, and felt that he was making a difference. He was. This blog was originally supposed to be a mere prelude to an important book about disaster policy, but it became a major work in its own right. I do not know whether John’s book will ever be published. But with his online work, and his memorable conversations with responders, policymakers, scientists, and journalists, he leaves behind a distinguished legacy of skepticism, curiosity, and a determination to make things right. I know his family is proud of his work, and plans to maintain this site as a resource.

I hope his family decides to maintain the blog and forge ahead with publishing his book. They will be a lasting testament to his drive and desire to make things better for all of us. Please visit his blog and read his obituary in the NY Times here.

  1. alexis abrego says:

    My mom worked with John d. Solomon. She told me he was a great man suffering from cancer. I really thought that my mom enjoyed taking care of him and working at his home. November,1,2010 my mom told me that John had died. My heart broke in half knowing that he was leaving his family his wife: Abby Solomon, his daughters: Rebbeca Solomon and Sarah Solomon. I knew his family loved him with all their heart , and i know John will know rest in peace. -Alexis Abrego daughter of Catalina Torres.

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