How will the new Smart Meter scam affect your plans for the future?

Smart meters have become the cause célèbre so to speak with the utility supply companies over the last few years. There are several reasons for this new fad to take on the life it has achieved, and in some respects rightly so. But if you are a Prepper, or survivor of the times, these meters can really stop you dead in the water if you haven’t learned how to live with, or without them.

First of all, what is a Smart Meter? A Smart Meter is simply a tool that electrical, and other utility companies use to monitor your utility usage. Nothing wrong with that you say, we’ve had meters ever since utilities started charging for service, haven’t they? It’s true they have, and I don’t have a problem with a utility monitoring my usage in order to charge me for what I have used, but these meters are not going to stop at simply being a means for an electrical company to record your usage from a remote location, and then charge you the proper rate.

These meters are not simply a meter, they are an electronic gizmo that can be used to monitor your usage, determine your billing rate, increase or decrease your load as needed, shut off and turn on your power and more, all dependent upon the programming of the unit.
Unlike conventional meters, these new wonders have a digital readout on their face, with sometimes buttons or switches depending upon the model installed into your system. They are completely programmable for a variety of functions, and some of them can also be connected into your gas and water supplies as well, creating a single tool for billing all of your utility needs. That in and of itself opens up a window that once used., will never be shut.

That particular window is the ability for a single entity to take over the billing end of the utility supply business. And of course that will eventually mean your utilities bills will be coming to you via a central billing agency, quite likely a government agency. We all are aware of the fact that profits are declining as costs go up for the maintenance of these utilities, and that more and more people are having a difficult time paying their utility bills, which in turn means less cash flow for the utilities. What better way is there to solve that problem then to have the government take over the collection of utility fees!

I envision the scheme working like this: All of the utilities transfer the task of billing you for services to a government agency, say HHS or the EPA. The government guarantees the utilities full payment for their services and then bills you for the service provided. Can’t afford the bill? Well don’t worry, the government will provide you with a utility assistance subsidy to cover the costs of your utilities. But of course you have to agree to their (the governments) policies and requirements for assistance.

What will their requirements be? Nothing too difficult, you’ll have to live within a set income range, just like food stamps, Medicaid and other subsidization programs. You’ll have to agree to turn your home into a green energy efficient domicile, which of course will require further taxpayer subsidization. You’ll also have to abide by their (the governments) limits as to how much power you use, and when you can use it. Failure to comply can mean that your power or other utilities can be shut off or curtailed, or you could be thrown out of the program.

But don’t worry yet, the new smart meter subsidization and billing program doesn’t exist yet, but it will.

The above scenario can be a frightening picture, especially if you want to be totally self sufficient, but still need to rely on grid power, public water and/or natural gas. Several states are currently installing these new fangled computer controlled meters, and as the technology becomes proven, they will be found in all fifty states. The government doesn’t yet bill you for the services, but they will find a way around that little obstacle sooner or later. Until then, the utilities will control the power you use. There are several different ways these meters are being used, but the most telling, and potentially abusive state to use them is California.

Part of the problem with these meters and the electrical suppliers is the fact that something called a tiered rate structure has been developed. The idea behind it is that those who want to worship Gaia and live the more energy efficient green life will get a better priced rate than someone who likes to be an energy hog. Story after story gets told of consumers getting ripped off by the utilities because the rate system doesn’t work as it should, and consumers consistently get overcharged.

But there are even more frightening tales to be yet told: By agreeing to use these meters, and if you want to use a public utility you have to agree to the programs, the utility can decide how much juice you get to live by. That means if you want to be self sufficient, but can’t get off the grid for any reason, your utilities can be curtailed at their (the utilities) whim. Would you like to grow tomatoes or other crops indoors under a grow lamp? You can, but if you use too much power, you can be cut back until your usage falls into parameters set by the agreements. Each and every structure can suffer its own little brown out simply because you want to use a little more power for some reason. Maybe you want to make some extra cash by building Adirondack chairs or picnic tables? Same story goes for this scenario as well. Circular saws suck up a lot of juice, and it could just dim your lights when you most need them.

So the question as to how these new meters are going to affect your preparedness plans can be best answered by saying that it depends upon what you are willing to sacrifice to become prepared for the coming times. One of the key ingredients to the formula of control over the masses is the level of comfort the government can provide to the masses. Most people being what they are become all too willing to allow some other entity to control them provided there is no effort or cost to the individual person. Hence the ability of the social services sector to con so many taxpayers into supporting their unconstitutional programs.

Get out of Dodge, or Metropolis, and find a good piece of land where you can sink your own well, set up your own solar system and plant your own crops. That way you don’t have to worry whether or not you will be able to pay your utility bills as money becomes more and more scarce. The more self sufficient you become, the less beholden you become to others. And that’s a fact, jack! Become prepared for the coming times.


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