The Wind Rustler

The Wind Rustler. A queer and simple contrivance this, and quite common in Western Kansas. One of these odd arrangements to attract the curiosity of the modern Don Quixote’s of the plains is but poorly illustrated in Figure 71. In this machine the fans are eight feet long and three feet wide, with their broadsides […]

Oil Lampstoves

History speaks often of cooking with lamp stoves, and you can indeed cook over an oil lamp provided you have the right contrivance to do so, but more often what the writer is speaking of is a lampstove, which is very similar to an oil lamp, but constructed more for heat than light. It’s too […]

North Central U.S. Spring Flood Risk: 18 February 2011

North Central U.S. Spring Flood Risk This is taken from an initial Spring Flood Outlook that was issued today by the National Weather Service (NWS) Hydrologic Information Center in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The National Spring Flood Outlook will be issued on March 17. Key Points For the third consecutive year, moderate to major flooding is […]

A Camp Water Filter Plant

Build a Water Filter Plant for Your Camp By F.E. Brimmer Sometimes one will discover that the water supply near camp is not fit to drink and some method must be improvised for filtering it before drinking. One season a party that the writer happened to be in was camping in a river valley where […]

News Matters for 16 February 2011

Hello all! I’ve decided to start sharing some of the headlines that relate to the coming times and preparedness/survival issues. The news matters no matter what you may feel about it. It’s important to pay attention to what is going on around us as that may sometimes be the only way to receive a warning […]

Potting Soil and Bottled Water

As springtime nears we always see an increase in a few different categories in retail. I’ve had a few conversations over a couple of these categories in general that we’ve started to see increase in particular. One of these is potting soil, the other is bottled water. The bottled water is a expected part of […]

Camp Beds

Many is the night I have been in a public campground and laid awake listening to the commotions of my neighbors in their desire to sleep well, but unable to do so. The reasons for this may be many, but a common one is the fact that most people just don’t know how to make […]