In today’s episode we’ll look at some of the things we need to be prepared for in the coming times and why. Scripture says in Matthew 24:7 that there will be famines, pestilances and earthquakes, and then in verse 8 that these will be the beginnings of sorrows. We’ve been warned by the most trustworthy source of information we have today of these things, so why don’t we put more effort into preparing for these times? We’ll also begin to look at what I call the three P’s of preparedness and how to use the formula to determine what events we need to allocate our resources to in these coming times.

Things change in this world on a daily basis. Natural events come upon us without warning and the fragile geopolitical arena is under constant pressure and stress. Look at Tunisia and Egypt as examples of that fact. What will we need to be ready for here in The U.S.? just about anything, really. Tune into these broadcasts as we look at what, how and why to prepare for the coming times.

Tune into more of my preparedness planning broadcasts at my Podbean site, or at my Blogtalk radio site anytime, and I’ll continue to post my new episodes here as well.

Click onto the play button to hear episode 2 of Preparedness 101 now;


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