Click the play button to listen to Preparedness 101:episode 3;

Episode 3 of Preparedness 101 is now available to listen to. In this episode we talk about the 3 Ps of preparedness and how the formula can help you to determine how much of your resources to allocate to any of the disasters or events that may occur where you live. Common sense is always a good rule of thumb, but sometimes we need a little help to determine what we really need to prepare for, and to what extent.

Memories can be hazy as time passes, and this is especially so for other people’s memories. What may be a severe problem in one persons mind may not really be such a severe problem when the facts are weighed, and this formula helps you to take those facts and put them into proper perspective.

As you develop your preparedness plans and create your survival homestead you’ll need to decide how to allocate your resources. For many of us those resources will be limited, and we need to determine what the best use of those resources will be. Listen in and find out how to do that.


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