It’s not often I wholeheartedly suggest inclusion of a specific book title to be a part of your preparedness library, but I have found just such a recommendation in John D. McCann’s Build the Perfect Survival Kit. It’s nearly 200 pages of information, tips hints and pictures of products and kits that will guide you through the tiresome chore of deciding what to put in your emergency survival kits, no matter what size they may be. One of the reasons I don’t recommend that many books is because a large majority of them are merely based upon a cookie cutter formula, and when you by one, you’ve got them all. And unfortunately, many of these books leave out some vital information.

Emergency kits need to be customized to your needs, not some packaging director’s needs in China, or wherever your ultimate store bought survival kit was made up. I haven’t had a bought kit for many, many years, and I don’t believe I’ll ever buy one again, except for demonstration purposes. But some of us have a hard time figuring out how to make one of these kits up.

Mr. McCann takes the mystery and guesswork out of making that decision of what to include, as well as what to carry your kit in. Throughout the book he discusses the pros and cons of many of the products he has personally tested and includes in his own kits. This makes for a great consumer resource as well as a guidebook on kit building itself. I paid $14.99 for my copy at a local chain store, but I know you can get it cheaper by online shopping. Had I know this book was out there I would have bought it that way myself. But even if it wasn’t, I’d still recommend you include this book in your knowledge base library.

The book itself is divided into 4 sections as follows; 1-the basics; 2-the components; 3- the kits; and 4-appendices. Each one of the sections goes into details of the many aspects and components that go into an emergency survival kit. The book is further divided into 15 chapters, each chock full of valuable information. McCann also provides valuable tips on doing things differently, such as using a Reynolds oven bag as a water carrier, and the fact that real parachute cord can be taken apart by removing the inner strands to make a longer cord and more.

In the appendices McCann gives lists for recommended survival kits for the personal all the way up to vehicular kits, and a listing of suppliers for survival supplies as well as a listing of some training resources and reading material.

Build the Perfect Survival kit was definitely worth purchasing, and like I said, I recommend you pick up a copy as well. Click onto the image to find out more about this Krause publication.

Product Type: Soft cover
Page Count: 192
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9780873499675
Other Features: 150 b&w photos


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