The Eagle Has Fallen

A few years ago I had a sort of vision of things to come, and was pressed upon to pen this prose as a way to present the puzzles of prophecy as they concern the United States of America. A puzzle this prophecy shall remain, at least until the tale is told. But as I […]

Summer Projects for the Survival Homestead

If you are fortunate enough to already be on a piece of property that you can utilize, or turn into a survival homestead, there are some projects you should really plan on starting to complete the self reliance requirements to achieve a true survive in place homestead. There are several areas of need that a […]

Chimney Cleaning and Safety

Winter is finally fading away, and for those on a survival homestead a new season of maintenance and housekeeping awaits for the coming spring weather. One of the primary concerns of a homesteader, as well as anyone else that may use a wood-burning stove, fireplace or other device that utilizes those grand old chimneys that […]

Tanning Skins & Furs

There are many in the prepper/survivalist community who believe that society as a whole will ultimately disintegrate, for a slew of varied reasons, and that we will be forced to return to the land into a pre-industrial world of non electric living. That may well be the outcome, but I have my doubts as to […]

The US Strategic Oil Reserve

The US Strategic Oil Reserve; should we open the taps now or wait until it is really needed? There has been some mainstream news chatter regarding the call by the left to open the tap and use it to reduce the price of oil over the past few days. Is it a good idea or […]

Water & Plumbing for the Farm

It’s amazing what you can find while pawing through old piles of farm bulletins that were issued by various state and federal extension services. I’ve had some questions regarding determining how much water you should plan on for a survival homestead under normal conditions. Looking for an answer that was more complete than a simple […]