When will the end come? Can we put a date on what our final day will be? In the short term, we can guess as to when the end will be, but first we must determine what we mean by the end, the final day. In the long term, there is no way we can tell when our final day on this planet will be, unless we commit suicide, and then that end only applies to you. And if you are foolish enough to take the cowards route out, I can assure you that you will not enjoy the consequences of your decision. Scripture tells us that those who take their own life shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Need I say more on that issue?

But the question at hand more properly addresses the demise of society as we know it here in the USA. Or wherever country you live in when the collapse finally arrives.

When will that collapse occur, and how will it come about? There are many opinions, predictions and prophecies regarding the demise of this nation, some of which seem to contain some wisdom, most of them contain threats, insults and anger in a badly misguided diatribe fed by certain media jockeys, egging their listeners into a destructive rage against the powers that be. Trouble here is that these media jockeys don’t really know who the real powers that be are. As a result, we have portion of society intent upon destroying the rest of us as opposed to working towards a cumulative solution to the problems at hand.

As to when America’s last day is, that too is hard to predict. I don’t believe we will see an abrupt end to this nation, but rather a gradual slide into something our founding fathers never intended for us to be. We see it happening even today as we accept a growing list of immoral activity, and in some cases embracing the sinful desires of some, accepting their perversions as being perfectly normal behavior.

There are some analysts that believe that after the end of Bernanke’s QE3 efforts we will experience a drastic reduction in the value of our currency, and a strong probability that the US dollar will cease to become the world’s benchmark currency, a position it has enjoyed since the July 1944 Bretton Woods agreement was signed. Inflation is widespread, and no part of this globe is immune to its ravages. Measures of austerity are being implemented in some countries, other countries are implementing price controls and still others are embroiled in armed protests bordering civil war, fueled by lack of food, fuel, and money to buy either commodity. Some are foolish enough to believe that these protests are due solely for the protesters yearning for democracy.

We will ultimately see the same protests and armed conflict here in this nation, so it becomes clear that there is more to the world’s machinations than the liberal media wants you to believe. Probably in late summer to mid fall of this year (2011) we will see drastically increasing prices on much, if not everything we buy. People will become increasingly angry, demanding that the government do something about it. The usual big mega corporations and the oil industries will be made scapegoats and be blamed for the increases.

In 2012 we may see the Obama administration place FDR like controls and programs in place to temper the runaway inflation. Limits on the price of everything from milk and bread to wages will be put in place, and the cost of living will seemingly become manageable once again. The Obama administration will be hailed as a hero. He will be reelected with his new VEEP, Biden will quietly fade into retirement, snickering all the way. Things will seem pretty rosy for a short while, but then will sharply decline as the true extent of the world’s financial problems come to light and suck us into another worldwide depression, much more severe than the one during FDR’s regime.

Various events will occur, and there will be a change in our leadership in 2015. This change will result in our constitutions suspension in 2016. Civil war will break out, and those of us who cling to the faith freedom of our fathers will be defeated, and the US as we know it today will be no more. This nation will still be here after the tragedy to come, but it will solidly embrace the new world order, with its one world government, and its one world currency.

Sin and debauchery will run rampant across this land, but peace will come across the world. Or at least what some would call peace. Wars will cease for a time between nations, a very short time, however. Then the truth will be known and people will realize that true democracy does indeed come at a price, and it requires constant defense by those of us who cherish it. But it will be too late.

So what do we need to do to prepare for the coming times? The first thing we need to do is figure a way of getting out of the big cities now. Not in a couple of years but now. When food starts to get scarce riots and violence will break out in the big cities first. You will be in danger, great danger if you stay. The second thing you need to do is begin stockpiling long term storage food and canned goods. Don’t broadcast what you are doing to anyone, just do it. The fewer people that know about your stockpile the better off you will be. Safety and security will be your first concerns.

Next, you’ll want to acquire heirloom seeds and gardening tools to plant and grow a garden with after you’ve found a place with some land attached to it. Obtain some water storage and filtration equipment to make sure you have plenty of water, just in case the public water supply dries up in your new home. You’ll also want to get some canning equipment and a supply of jars and lids to preserve your harvest with. Also get a dehydrator and learn how to use it.

Learn advanced first aid and obtain medical supplies and a stock of homeopathic medicines for the coming times. Obtain some weapons and learn how to become proficient in their use. These can be used for both security and hunting as well. Get some fishing equipment and learn how to catch fish.

Get spare parts for your vehicles and learn how to repair them.

The list goes on and on, and then it goes on some more, but you can see where I’m coming from here. The world as we know it will change dramatically at some point from where it is today. I may be wrong and the above scenario may well play out differently, but the end of society as we know it will come to an end, and that end will come upon us quickly if we do not take steps today to prepare for the coming times.

Check out the links to your left, and read through some of my articles. There is much to learn about preparing for the coming times, and time grows short for these preperations.


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