If you are fortunate enough to already be on a piece of property that you can utilize, or turn into a survival homestead, there are some projects you should really plan on starting to complete the self reliance requirements to achieve a true survive in place homestead.

There are several areas of need that a more or less permanent survival homestead requires to achieve that state whereby you can be truly self-reliant in the coming times. I break them down into a few different major groups. For one group you have security and safety. For another group we have water, and then food as a third major group. I call these groups the SaWaFo pyramid. Or –Safety, Water, Food. That’s our three basic commodities, if you will, when it comes to discussing preparedness and survival issues. Each of these three groups can be further broken down into subcategories, but consider each of these as separate building blocks in your long term preparedness plans.

So what can we plan on for the coming summer months for projects around the homestead? Your main project should be to complete your plans, but for starters, let’s look at the first building block in your plan; safety. Safety around your homestead is a paramount concern. Safety includes security. Check out all areas of your property to look for things that may cause some problems if left unattended. For instance, is your perimeter fencing in good repair? Do you have your foliage and trees trimmed so that falling branches won’t pull any overhead wires down? Are the yards around your home free of debris? Have you removed bushes or other hiding places from around your house? That’s just for starters.

Let’s look at your water situation for a moment. Do you have a means of storing and collecting large amounts of water? Have you got a rainwater collection system in place? Do you have a cistern or other containment system to store your water in? Do you have backflow valves installed on your public water and sewerage systems? Do you have a good quality filtration system such as the British Berkfield drip system in place? If you have a well, is it secure from contamination? Do you have a backup hand pump installed on the well? Do you also have a pump on the inside of your home?

And what about your septic system if you have one; is it clean from excessive sediment buildup? Is your leach field operating at peak efficiency? Do you have plans to convert to a composting or incinerating toilet? Are you able to separate your gray water from your black water discharge to lessen the load on your septic tank?

Let’s look at the food issue now. Have you prepared your property for gardening by tilling and manuring the soil? Do you have animal control fencing or other measures in place to protect your food supply? Have you considered small livestock for your homestead such as goats, rabbits and chickens?

But more importantly, have you gotten the heck out of Dodge yet? The biggest project we can plan on for this coming summer is to find a piece of property we can develop into what is commonly referred to as a survival homestead. I prefer the term survival farmstead, myself. Over the next few weeks I’m going to start posting on finding and developing that perfect piece of land in the country that you can make into your own little self contained kingdom. Look over the questions I’ve posed above, and ask yourself whether or not you have included these things in your long term planning needs and goals. Take a look at what’s happening in the Mideast, Japan, Mexico and the Ivory Coast. Hard times are coming on strong, brother, watcha gonna do about ’em?


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