A few years ago I had a sort of vision of things to come, and was pressed upon to pen this prose as a way to present the puzzles of prophecy as they concern the United States of America. A puzzle this prophecy shall remain, at least until the tale is told. But as I write my blogs and books, and blunder along life’s trail I find the vision being played out even now. A recent email column from Chuck Baldwin, The American Redoubt, underscores the gravity of the situation in this country, and leads one to query as to whether we have much time before this prophecy becomes fulfilled.

It is certain that serious conflict, probably resulting in more bloodshed via a second civil war in this nation that seems inevitable, given the political, economic and societal disparity pressed upon us by varied special interest groups. But one thing is certain, and that is that this nation is beginning to separate into opposing sides, and we need to decide which side we wish to be allied with today.

I’ll leave it to you, and the voice of your conscience to decipher what you will from this piece below. But as I saw the vision then, and as I see things today, I can see that this vision of the future of America will be correct. The only question is the timeline involved in its fulfillment.

Who is who?

And which is you?

Alas alack, what are we to do?

Here’s the vision:

The Prophecy of the Eagle

Ere the time turns ten, the Eagle shall be torn asunder

And unto five it shall be divided

And three shall be as one, but separate

And the two shall divide and be as one


When the time turns ten and five, the serpent shall strike

And shall strike at the heel of the one of three

And the one shall die, and be reformed

And shall feed the serpent of its young


Then the dragon shall stretch forth its talons to strike the two of three

And shall spitteth its fire upon them

And shall devour the two as the snake of one

And both shall reign over the three


Ten and ten shall be the age for the two as one to rise

And the dragon and the serpent shall conspire

And they shall become as one to squash the two

And the One shall divide the two


Ere the time becomes five more, one of the two shall fall

And shall be devoured by the serpent

And shall be fed upon by the dragon

And the one shall be alone


When the time becomes five more, the One shall then prevail

And shall strike against the one of two

And shall prevail against the serpent

And cause the dragon to waver


Then shall come the time of strife, of which has not been seen

And the One shall pursue the world

And smite the dragon and serpent unto their hearts

And shall pour the fires of destruction upon the world


Ten more shall be the time of despair

And the One shall prevail

And shall grow unto a mighty power

And shall in time destroy the serpent


Ere the time of destruction of the serpent, the dragon shall come to flee

And shall leave its young to die

And shall come to be smitten by the One

And the One shall begin to return


When the light begins to grow, the True One shall return

And the righteous shall prevail

And yet the blind shall still not see

And the deaf shall still not hear


Then the time of peace shall be upon the five

And the blind shall still not see

And the deaf shall still not hear

And shall tremble upon the earth


Ten times ten shall be the time

And the fires shall fall and devour the third

And the righteous shall prevail

And the One shall come


Ere the time I’ve told is past

When the time is true

Then the mystery shall be told

Ten times ten times ten shall be the clue


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