Surviving Tornado Alley

We’re all aware of the latest natural disaster to wreak havoc upon this nation, via this past week’s slew of tornados throughout some of the southern states. A still unfolding tragedy, this period of nature’s fury caused over three hundred deaths, according to news reports. There seems to be no end of sites offering terrifying […]

Water Wheels to Power Your Homestead

WATER-WHEELS TO POWER YOUR HOMESTEAD (Adapted from an article by Joseph Henry Adams) There are three kinds of wheels, the overshot, breast, and undershot. The overshot is the most powerful, for it is not only moved by the weight of water that it holds but also by the force of the onrushing water from the […]

Les Stroud: Survive

I picked up a copy of Les Stroud’s book Survive, and found it to be a very good read, so good in fact I’ve placed it into my keeper library of prepper and survival literature. There are a couple of reasons for it, one of which is that Les doesn’t dwell on the fast paced […]

Power on the Survival Homestead

BOUND TO COME! We recently read in a daily newspaper that an Indiana company proposes to sell electricity at a reasonable rate to farmers along the lines of its electric roads. The churn, the chopper, the thresher, the pump, the saw, the forge,—everything that makes an up-to-date farm, may be operated by electricity; and the […]

Preparedness and the Price of a Donkeys Head

There seems to be a lot of pressure today to invest in gold and silver for the coming times. Ostensibly, this investment will tide you through the rough times a comin’ down the road. But the question begs to be asked, will gold and silver really help me survive the coming times? The answer to […]

Preppers, Survivalists, and DHS Profiling…

David Morris has an interesting post this week (Preppers, Survivalists, and Domestic Terrorists…) regarding one of the biggest threats against the world of prepperdom that we face. Most of us face the threat unknowingly, and that alone makes it all the worse of a threat. The danger we cannot see is sometimes greater than the […]

Rendering Fats at Home

In the coming days we will be seeing some incredible increases in the costs of the things we buy, especially food for the house, and yet our paychecks will remain substantially stagnant. We’ll be spending more money, but not making any more money. Economists call this inflation, and it has reared its ugly head in […]