David Morris has an interesting post this week (Preppers, Survivalists, and Domestic Terrorists…) regarding one of the biggest threats against the world of prepperdom that we face. Most of us face the threat unknowingly, and that alone makes it all the worse of a threat. The danger we cannot see is sometimes greater than the threat we can see. But what is this threat against us, that we patriotic Americans can be so despised and hunted by those we have placed in a position to protect our interests? What is the real threat we face as we prepare for the coming times?

Morris complains that …I’m a little sick of the government and the media bunching preppers in with domestic terrorists just because I have a Bible, a gun, a garden, and some food to feed my family with if a natural or manmade disaster happens… I don’t blame him for feeling this way; many, in fact probably most in the prepper community feel the same way, including me. It’s rather unnerving the first time you find that you’re being followed and photographed, but you don’t know by whom. After that it gets rather aggravating. But why are various government agencies treating the people who pay their salaries as a threat to this nation?

What is the real deal behind what is going on today? David also comments that …Things are so messed up that DHS does public service announcements saying that you should have 72 hours to 7 days of supplies on hands in case of disaster, but then tells law enforcement that preparedness is a sign of potential domestic terrorism… There are reasons why one hand does one thing, and the other hand does another. Many people fail to realize this, and that is why it appears –and rightly so- that the government is sending a “double entendre” message. But are they really sending us a double meaning message, or is there a reason for what they do?

Let me put this thought first, and then we’ll look at a couple of other comments from the Urban Survival Guide’s post. Everybody knows the government. Almost everyone in the prepper community agrees that the government has gotten too big for our own good. But what is the government? The government is not your friend. The government is not your enemy. The government is you servant, albeit a mighty uppity servant as of late. There are many in the government who really do have our best interest at heart and are genuinely concerned for our well being, and I find no fault with these true public servants.

The problem is not government in and of itself, the problem exists in those people whose livelihood and futures are tied to the continued growth and permanence of big government. Let’s look at a third clipping from this piece, David Morris writes; The more preppers an area has, the more stable it will be after a breakdown in the supply chain and the quicker it will recover. Preppers create stable micro-environments after disasters by being able to take care of themselves without outside help. And in his second point also writes; Local authorities and first responders NEED preppers after disasters. These are the exact reasons why we see a double meaning message coming to us from the government.

Preppers and survivalists are people that are self sufficient, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and cure the common cold. This isn’t what will keep the government growing at its current rate of growth. Uncle Sam needs for us to be totally dependent upon him for all things. The more we need him, the bigger he grows. If we don’t need big government to wipe our noses every time we sniffle, big government shrinks. This is not what the powers that be want. The powers that be want to grow ever more powerful, powerful enough to be able to control every aspect of life on this planet.

To accomplish this they have learned that we need to be afraid of terrorism, as we should be. Unfortunately, we have become unable to distinguish between true terrorism such as the Jihadists attempt to destroy the free world, and simple acts of terror wrought by your demented neighbor. By lumping the prepper and survivalist community together with terrorists, mostly because we may not only own firearms, but we are also well able to defend ourselves from terrorism. But more importantly, most of us take the time to educate ourselves and thus become aware of what is going on around us. We do not fear the government because we require it to function from day to day, we fear the government because we are aware of the threat it presents to our freedom.

The entitlement mentality being bred and provoked in this nation, fed by both big government as well as various activist groups and communities, i.e. unions, political activists, educational organizations etc. teaches us that only big government can meet our needs. Only big government can feed us, cloth us, and take care of our health needs. This is pure crap, and we of the preparedness community realize it, preach it, and otherwise share this fact. And because of this fact we have become a threat to the growth of big government.

Morris contends that he needs to develop and share ‘markers’ or traits that identify preppers and survivalists to the law enforcement community, ostensibly to encourage them to utilize us in the event of a disaster because of the very same qualities and skills that allow us to go on even after life has come to a screeching halt around us. Mr. Morris may not realize this, but this is exactly what the powers that be want to see, but not for the same reasons Morris wants to develop these markers for.

The powers that be, whether in FEMA, DHS, FBI, CIA, NIS or any other federal, state, county and local law enforcement agency want to know who to single out and persecute when the going gets tough. Their latest program, known as “If you see something, say something,” recommends or requests private citizens to report on people who do the very things we do because we pose a supposed threat to the stability and safety of the neighborhood. Terrorists hoard guns and food, or so the evening news tells us. Therefore, preppers must be terrorists because we hoard guns and food.

The government already knows the difference between a terrorist and a prepper/survivalist. It doesn’t care what the difference if. Anything that poses a threat to the continued growth of this big government needs to be eliminated, and it eventually will be. It is as it must be for the will of God to be fulfilled. We strut and crow in our patriotism, one hand clutching a gun and the other clutching a Bible. We think America is above the rest of the world because we, as a nation, were founded upon Judeo-Christian principles.

We have fallen a long way since the days of 1776 when we clasped our guns, but put both our faith as well as our trust in the One Almighty God. We are paying the price today. Forget not that Revelation 17:17 says that; For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled(KJV). I believe there will be a remnant of believers left in the coming days, but as long as the prepper community exists as it does today, we will continue to be targeted and persecuted for our beliefs.

You must also remember that many in the prepper community are also Christian believers. And that is where the real threat to big government lies. If we as a nation follow God, then how can we allow the ruler(s) of this nation to give this nation over to the power of the Beast? We cannot, and therefore we must be eliminated. This is already happening. In many ways our beliefs and freedoms are being stripped from us, and we are not even aware of it.

We allow rampant homosexuality to exist. We encourage abortion. We embrace the practice of Gaiaism by worshiping the environment and believing the lies of global warming. The list goes on. And on, and on. But you get the point, I’m sure. There is only one ultimate act of preparedness that can truly save us, and that is to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, repent of our sins and accept the gift of eternal life. If you have done that, or once you have, then you will truly know that there is absolutely nothing to fear in this world. And you will also know what the truth really is, and what you really need to do to prepare for the coming times.


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