An American Apocalypse

Is an American apocalypse about to occur over the skies of this great nation? Maybe, or maybe not, depending upon whom you ask the question to. The term apocalypse has become a much overused and sadly abused term in light of its definition, unfortunately. In large part this is because of the status assigned to […]

Survival fires and starting them

Kinds of Fire and Their Uses One of the important things about camping is a campfire. There are two kinds of campfires, the “warming up” fire, and the “cooking” fire. Of course there are others, such as the “smudge” to drive away mosquitoes, and the “friendship”—the kind you just like to sit around and talk […]

The Scout Campfire

Things to Remember: The sportsman in the field or mountains without matches can start his campfire by the aid of his shotgun. It has been successfully experimented upon and is both simple and feasible. First, make preparations to start your fire from the flame by building up your wood ready to light, standing kindlings up […]

Building a Birch Bark Canoe

Modern day conveniences provide us with a plethora of goods, all made with high tech materials, and yes, in many ways today’s products are far superior than yesterdays. But not everything is superior, especially when the crap hits the fan and you cannot find a place to repair that fiberglass canoe that you damaged while […]

FEMA Urges All Americans to be Prepared

As Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins, FEMA Urges All Americans to be Prepared Individuals, Families, Small Businesses Can Visit to Get Ready for Hurricanes and other Disasters WASHINGTON — Today, June 1, marks the official start of the 2011 North Atlantic hurricane season, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been working closely with its […]