What will you do In the Financial Collapse?

A lot of people claiming to be Christians like to throw their relationship with God around and claim that because of their faith, America is held in a special place by God and therefore cannot fall. Brings to mind the Lord’s Prayer doesn’t it? You know how it goes; Our Father, who art in Heaven, […]

Heating Your Home for the 2011-12 Season

On my internet radio show, Surviving the Times, I take time out every Fall season to report on the position of energy costs. And, every August I remind people that that month is the best time of the year to make your arrangements for your heating oil contracts. This year will be no different, as […]

Surviving the Times in Print

My new book ‘Surviving the Times’ is now available online at amazon.com, as well as at the Remember ME! Media bookstore! Surviving the Times takes you through the steps of building your preparedness binder, as well as how to determine what the most viable disaster scenarios would be that you need to prepare for. I […]