2012- A Doomsday Year? (part one)

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Is 2012 to be the year of doom, or multiple dooms, as some have prophesied, or will it be just another year of ho-hum news and business as usual, with just a side of anticipation as we edge closer to 21 December 2012? Many people are suggesting that there may be truth to the ancient Mayan Calendar theory that life will end, as we know it, and a rebirth of the world will occur. My personal belief is that we will indeed trudge on towards our destined final days with barely a notice of that days passing, much like the passing of the new millennium which began on 01,01,2000.

Whenever some nut-job with enough you know what’s decides to embark upon a campaign of misinformation and fear-mongering you can pretty well bet on there being a huge herd of followers to counter the effects of the nay-sayers. Either side you play on, if you get in the game early, you stand to reap some good financial gain from the claim, no matter what the claim is, and even if the claim is proven false right from the get-go.

Calendars come and calendars go, but the days upon the pages are just simply pages. They are simply mankind’s way of telling God what day it is, and nothing more. I don’t believe in the Mayan Calendar myth any more than I believe that Santa Claus is a real being.

However, I do believe that we are going to see some huge changes will occur as to life as we know it today. We keep repeating the same tired old mistakes year after year, decade after decade, and century after century. Moreover, each time we make the mistake it immediately becomes the worse scenario in the history of man. It usually is not, of course, but it does make for good press coverage. But of even greater importance to the governments of the world, it provides an opportunity to increase the governments control over its citizens.

What do I see happening to make me believe that this year will be a year of drastic changes? Several items in the news over the last few weeks tell me to beware of certain situations.

For one thing, 2011 saw an overall average price increase at the consumer level of approximately 2.5 to 3.0 percent in at home food categories. There are now several guesstimates as to what the 2012 rates will be, but the most reliable seems to be the Food Institutes projection of: “The all-food CPI is projected to increase 2.5 to 3.5% over 2011 levels, with food-at-home prices increasing 3 to 4% and food-away-from-home prices increasing 2 to 3%…” My own analysis suggests a 3.5 to 4.0 percent or greater increase in at home foods. One of the reasons that I tend to hold to a greater increase is simply because retailers bent over backwards and then some to keep from having to pass increases on to the consumer.

Costs at the distribution level will continue to increase and there will in fact be no alternative available except to raise prices at the shelf level of commerce. Manufacturers have been quite adept at hiding food price increases from the consumer thus far, but people are beginning to wonder out loud where their paychecks are going. The shelf price (the price you see per unit on the UPC tag on the shelf) has been fairly stable, but the price per (price per measured unit i.e. quart, ounce etc.) has been steadily changing in several ways. Cans of coffee, soup and other goods may be the same size as two years ago, but they have fewer content. For instance, a one pound can of coffee we once bought has turned into a twelve ounce can of coffee. My favorite beans that used to be sold in sixteen ounce can are now fifteen ounces. And the shelf price has risen by several cents.

This has been a gradual transition to higher prices, so most people have only been casually aware of this trend. However, in keeping costs low, individual retailers have cut services and payroll to make up for the dwindling profit margin. Additionally, they have cut the quantities and varieties of products carried in store. The end result will be that as customer demands for variety and service increase to meet expectations, shelf prices will have to increase to cover those costs to meet consumer demands.

The cycle will repeat itself as the consumer balks and protests at the price increases, causing the retailer to cut payroll and so on. Round and round until we find ourselves in a position that nobody has a job that pays enough to buy the products that we want to buy causing more business failures and changes because there are not enough profits to keep the business running and growing in an acceptable fashion. Today, most retail profit comes not from the markup of an item, but from the sheer volume of product sold.

This is why we see big box chains growing bigger, while the smaller local chains either simply close their doors or get swallowed up through acquisition by the mega corps of the retail world.

My prediction is that towards the end of the year we may well see an exponential increase in the numbers of food riots around the world, and may come to see a few here in the United States, a relatively unheard of commotion in this nation.

And that point brings me to the further indications of why I believe we will see some pretty disturbing events happen here in America this year, especially after Obama has been reinstated as demander in chief of this nation. That is right, I believe he will be reelected as he seems to be the best puppet that the new world order has ha d available for many years. A perfect neo-con, just like his brother in arms, George Bush was. Of course, Mitt Romney appears to be a perfect neo-con as well, so maybe the Republicans have half a chance after all.

I will get into some other aspects of my guesstimates for the year of 2012 in part two of this posting. But as a teaser let me say that I believe that the Occupy movement has been utilized as a training tool for further implementation of the new world order, as well as how several financial reports lead me to see that total financial failure is not that far off. Tune in next time on the same bat channel, at the same bat time as we see what the projected outcome will be for 2012.


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