I am a writer and photographer from the Midcoast Maine region. My favorite subjects to photograph are nature oriented, birds and insects in particular. I have written some fiction, Maine After Midnight is my favorite of my own work. It’s a book of ghost stories set in different areas of Maine. I have also written “A Handy Disaster Preparedness Guide” and “Surviving the Times,” a work discussing the coming times and what we can do to survive them. I introduce the SaWaFo pyramid and the concept  of the three Ps of preparedness planning, as well as looking at setting up a preparedness plan binder.

I used to be content to rail against the perceived folly of big government and over-regulation, but I see now that we are in fact entering the dawn of our last day as a planet. Not because the liberal left and environmentalists say so, not because some nut job thinks the world will end in 2012, and certainly not because we face annihilation from some alien species that thinks we are not peaceful enough.

We face the final day because the return of our Lord is imminent. The scriptures containing the prophecies describing the end times are being fulfilled, and while none may know the hour or the day, I believe it will be soon, relatively speaking. But prior to that return, there will be times of tribulation that we all will face, and this is what I shall share with this blog, stories and tips concerning the coming times.

Survivalism, preparedness, self reliant living, the coming cashless society, prophecy and more will be covered here. My maine intent hear is to not only share tips and skills, but discuss the things we need to be watching for in the future.

  1. Mario says:

    Just came across you website and I really appreciate your information on survival.
    I am a conservative but not affiliated with any party as they all lie and don’t give a dam about you or me. The only one looking out for no 1 is ME. I am really concerned about a nationwide/global disaster or a tyrannical take over of the USA/World. I have been more and more concerned lately about what is really going on and have been doing a lot of reading. I am now in the process of trying to gather a bunch of similar minded men and women with different skills: ie. A former Seal or Green Beret, someone like MacGyver (the TV show), an MD., someone who is really resourceful at getting things in difficult places like a professional jewel thief and the list goes on. My goal is to gather these people together and put our minds and resources together and find a location to build a shelter in the middle of nowhere.

  2. intothelite says:

    I have enjoyed going through your site. the lanterns brought me as I have an oil lamp and lantern e-store but your information has kept me. I wonder how many people got the “My maine intent…” Although I am from Montana and live there now. My husband and I met while serving in the military in Brunswick and our first two girls were born there. I have fond memories of sitting on the rocks on Orrs Island and trips up to Camden. Your site brought back some of those memories. Thank you

  3. Hello,,i too just found your site and am looking to connect with others pooling resources to create a sheltar in the middle of nowhere,,Id love to hear from others who have already secured a place,perhaps even in the state of Maine as this is where I am from..thanku so much..

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