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gun crimeAs we are all aware, the fairly recent mass shooting at a school in Newtown Connecticut has placed the nation into an uproar over the issue of gun rights verses gun controls. As usual, instead of addressing the core issues at hand, the socialist minded leftist politicians, democrat and republican both, have decided to glam onto the anti-gun bandwagon and push for stricter gun laws.

Is this really what we should be doing in response to such an horrific act as a mass shooting?

The issue at hand should not be addressed as gun control, but more properly as an issue of crime control. The problem is not that a gun or guns were used to kill a bunch of innocent people, but that a person decided to commit that shooting. Why is no one addressing the problem of the person, instead of the tool used to commit the crime?

Why was the crime committed? At this point, I really have no idea, and neither does the majority of America, but is the weapon of choice really the problem? In a word, no it is not the problem. The problem is that a crime was committed.

Look at the issue of assault in this manner:

Let us say a person, man or woman, gets angry and wants to assault their partner in life. There is no gun in the house, so what does the person do? Does this person simply walk away because they cannot succumb to their emotional need to attack someone and cause injury? Of course not. If this were true, then we would have no issues of domestic abuse and the resulting crime rate from that ill named crime.

The person would either use their hands to attack, or grab whatever is handy. Let us say that a vacuum cleaner was nearby, and the person grabbed an extension wand to beat the crap out of their partner. Should we then ban vacuum cleaners because the extension wand was used to beat someone?

Maybe we should just ban vacuum cleaners that have extension wands? Alternatively, we could ban vacuum cleaners with multiple extension wands. That way the victim might have a chance to escape while the perpetrator reloads. Sounds pretty stupid, doesn’t it?

Of course it is stupid, and so is the argument over gun control. We do not need gun control, and neither do we need people control, but the end result is that people control is the only possible end result of gun control.

Banning high capacity magazines, or clips holding more than ten rounds will not eliminate the potential for gun crime. In fact, in some ways it retains the probability of an increase in gun crime, especially as time goes by.

More and more people will simply comply with the rules, and eschew their constitutionally endowed right of self-defense, thus exposing themselves, and their property to those who wouldn’t give a rats ass for the lawful requirements of gun owners.

Further, surrendering our right of self-defense also decreases the possibility of defending ourselves against a corrupt political establishment, should the right parties attempt to subjugate us to a certain form of dictatorial regime, which may well happen given the current trend of affairs.

The question we have to ask here is; is gun control really meant to control gun related crime, or is it really intended to control the larger part of the law abiding gun owning population through a series of bans on certain firearms, clips and ammunition, registrations, and publicly administered oversight of gun owners?


A piece in today’s Washington Post says that The US intends to beef up our west coast defenses by adding 14 interceptors to Alaskan installations. This is surprising for a couple of reasons. For one, Hussein Obama has been against increasing the military standing of this nation, and in fact had wanted to reduce our military to a strength that would make us vulnerable to outside forces.

Secondly, most of the rhetoric still suggests that while North Korea might be a pesky little bother, they really haven’t the wherewithal to launch an attack that could really damage us here in the US. Sure, they have demonstrated their ability to launch an ICBM level warhead to a distance that may affect our western seaboard, but do they really have what it takes to find success? I think not.

However, the article, (read it here) suggests an underlying reason for this seeming change in our stance against Pyongyang’s rising nuclear threat. I suspect there may be a probability that what we may really be increasing our stockpile of west coast weaponry for is a combined Iranian/Korean offense that quite likely may include the detonation of a high altitude electromagnetic pulse weapon (HEMP), launched from the North Pacific, possibly from inside Korea, but more likely from an ocean-going vessel.

The reason for my feeling this way is due to the fact that, according to the article, the Pentagon plans revamp its Aegis missile program to pay for this expansion. The interceptor program has a rather questionable history, and some analysts seem to be saying that the first real deployable interceptors won’t be available until 2022. Strategically speaking, that really is not that far away, time-wise, but the Aegis missiles are already in action.

Nevertheless, the main point is that the Aegis has a limited range. They cannot travel to North Korean territory to intercept an ICBM launched from there. We would have to wait and see where this ICBM is headed for before deploying our defenses, and in real terms, that may be too late.

Therefore, my reading between the lines tells me that it is more likely that we may see multiple shorter range missiles launched against us from the North Pacific. These are the types of missiles the Aegis system was developed to fight against. I might be mistaken here, but…

These shorter range missiles would still have the ability to carry and detonate a HEMP weapon over the western US, but it would leave the Eastern seaboard unscathed, which really is not acceptable to the North Korean and Iranian regimes. However, if they were to simultaneously detonate multiple HEMP warheads from bit the Pacific and Atlantic theaters, they would seemingly attain success, and devastate our electrical infrastructure, thereby crippling our ability as a nation.

But the shorter range defense system apparently being suggested for Alaska could hardly protect out eastern seaboard, could it? But wait, the light clicks on…Senator Susan Collins’ last newsletter says that she encourages the establishment of a missile defense facility in Aroostook County, which would be capable of defending against these missiles I am writing of today. Further, a Bangor Daily news article from last year, (read it here) says that the National Research Council claims there are serious holes in our missile defense system, and that a base in the vicinity of Caribou, Maine would be an ideal location to establish a missile defense installation.

Again, I could be wrong here, but…

I believe it would be in the best interests of preppers everywhere to start learning about HEMP potentials and what the real damages would be to our nation should an enemy of ours succeed in detonating one or more over our nation. I have written about this in past blog entries, and there are a lot of websites that address this issue. However, be careful out there. There is a lot of so-called expert advice whereby the so-called experts do not seem to really grasp the science and reality behind the threat. I intend to address this issue again in a month or so with some in depth reporting on the subject, so please return to visit again.

Until then, happy prepping!

According to some prophecy aficionados, the Papal Conclave has just elected the last Pope of the Catholic Church. According to the legends, in the 12th century, Malachy O’Morgair, then Arch Bishop of Ireland, had a series of “divine” revelations showing him the entire Papal line, down unto the last pope. Malachy had named 112 Popes, or rather, described who they would be in a but of a cryptic fashion, much along the lines of Nostradamus’ prophecies. They were they in plain print, and yet they left a lot of room for subjection. Apparently, thus far he has named 111 Popes to the tea, including the recently abdicated Pope Benedict XVI.

Of course, Malachy never gave proper names to any of his predictions, just descriptions. For Benedict, he merely described the 111th Pope as “the glory of the olives” and of course, the Pope’s choice of the name Benedict, suggests this description fills the prophecy, since the founder of the Benedictine Order was also known as Olivetans.

Coincidence? Maybe, but here are a couple of other items of interest regarding prophetic happenings. Nostradamus as well had a few Papal prophecies regarding the end of the line for Catholic leadership. He had predicted that the next-to-last pope [Benedict] would “flee Rome in December when the great comet is seen in the daytime.” Sounds fanciful and far-fetched as the months are wrong, but remember that the calender has changed since the time of Nostradamus, and Benedict would indeed have abdicated in December, just as Nostradamus predicted had those changes not occurred.

Think of it, the comet ISON was seen in the skies for some time, and as an interesting note, a huge bolt of lightning is said to have struck the cross on the top of the Basilica just a few short hours after his announcement of abdication. And a few days later Russia’s Ural region was showered with a meteor shower, shattering windows and causing numerous injuries. How is that for food for thought.

But before you run of screaming “the end is coming,” here is an important point to this prophecy of Malachy; theologians generally argue there is no authentic written manuscript. Supposedly, Malachy’s list was discovered in 1590 in the Vatican archives, hundreds of years later. Maybe this prophecy never came from Malachy at all?

So, what does this all mean to survivalists and us preppers? Well, for one thing, it means we are going to have to endure another round of conspiracy claims. One of the central themes of the conspiracy crowd suggests that the Illuminati are controlled by the Jesuit Brotherhood, and guess what? The new pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who has chosen the name Francis, is a Jesuit. Hmmmm….

I will leave you with that thought to stew over.

Speaking of stew, one of the items you should be including with your preps, food wise, is plenty of stew like meals. Try to have several canned styles available for your program entry level needs to cover the first few months, with the long term styles for when we are certain things are not going to return to normal. They contain lots of nutritional value, can be filling, and are easy to prepare. I have several MRE style stews in my EDC bag, as well as some heaters for a quick, hot, wholesome meal, but I also have quite a few cans in my pantry for the first few weeks at least. After that I will break open my #10 cans of stew.

Is an American apocalypse about to occur over the skies of this great nation? Maybe, or maybe not, depending upon whom you ask the question to. The term apocalypse has become a much overused and sadly abused term in light of its definition, unfortunately. In large part this is because of the status assigned to the word by Hollywood moguls and writers that seem to think it portends a disaster beyond cataclysmic character. What does apocalypse really mean? Apocalypse simply means, in the Biblical sense of the word, it means a revelation, or a revealing. Hence the title of the last book of the Bible; the Revelation of John. Time and humankind has distorted the original meaning to have become a word describing a catastrophe or the end of the world events.

So can we expect an apocalyptic event in this nation in the near future? Of course we can, and if you are a true prepper you will be very busy preparing for just such an event. But what kinds of events would be considered apocalyptic in nature? These events fall into two categories, natural and manmade. There is little we can do to prevent the natural events, as we have absolutely no control over them. These events would be supersized hurricanes, abnormally large tornado swarms, and earthquakes of a very high magnitude, say 8.0 and above. We can prepare supplies and equipment to ride out the storm, but we cannot prevent them from occurring.

Manmade events would include mega wildfires, such as we see in our southwestern states even now, nuclear reactor catastrophes such as an explosion or complete failure of a reactor core and EMP threats. The last one is what today’s post is all about, EMP threats.

There is much mystery afoot in the world geopolitical scene today, and even more goings on in this country, and the general public doesn’t have a clue as to what we should be preparing for. However, by piecing together several bits of unrelated rumor, news reports, innuendo and imagination, we can in fact come up with one scenario that may well occur. Whether there is anything going on that we should be afraid of is up for grabs, but here is one scenario.

I have read that FEMA has put out a RFP, or ‘Request for Proposal’ to procure something like 160 to 480 million MREs for immediate delivery. If this is true, and these meals are delivered in 2011, we can create a viable timeline for the perceived threat that these meals were ordered in response to. MREs are generally labeled as having a five to seven year shelf life under proper storage conditions. These meals can be stored for longer periods under certain conditions, while in a harsh environment this shelf life could conceivably be substantially shorter. However, we will use the average expectancy here and suggest a five to seven year time frame for this apocalypse, if you will, to occur. That means we have a maximum of five to seven years for this event to occur, or a time frame of somewhere between 2012 and 2018. I’m going to guesstimate probably three to five years, or sometime between 2013 and 2015 for this event to occur.

What is the event? Most bloggers seem to believe it is because some experts suggest that the New Madrid fault line is set to do the rubber dance and remodel our Midwestern US scenery. I happen to believe something else will occur. for one, earthquakes are highly unpredictable, and not one person has been able to accurately predict the time of occurrence or the magnitude of a single earthquake. Ever. Manmade events have in fact been accurately predicted, as well as the magnitude of destruction. So if not an earthquake, what is the threat? The same logic holds out for hurricanes and tornados as well. Nature plans them, not humankind. But humankind can plan other kinds of events.

Take the ending of WWII, when a couple of atom bombs decimated Nagasaki and Hiroshima. That would certainly qualify as an apocalyptic event, would it not? Of course it would, so is this what the US government is expecting to occur? I think not, for several reasons. For one, a bomb of that size can only be delivered in one of two ways. One way if via an airplane, which we would spot and destroy long before reaching our heartland. The other way would be through an ICBM, or Inter Continental Ballistic Missile. Again, we have the technology top see and destroy something like that in plenty of time to avert a disaster, so it would take several ICBMs, perhaps dozens of them, to penetrate our nations borders and wreak their unholy devastation upon our soil. And besides, look at the cash outlay it would take to launch such an attack. The only two nations in the wprld that could pull off such a stunt would be China and Russia, and I do not believe that either nation has the wherewithal, or the drive to begin such a military action against us. The economic damage from such an attack would certainly result in the destruction of these nations economies, as well as ours.

More probably, some rogue nation or cartel would attack us with a nuclear device resulting in an EMP, or Electromagnetic Pulse, attack that could cripple the nation, while causing little damage or loss of life. This could be accomplished rather easily, and I have addressed this issue in previous posts. However, this will still require considerable cash outlay and planning. The generally accepted scenario would be that a terrorist group could utilize four to five fishing vessels that would simultaneously launch small missiles into our atmosphere while safely sailing in international waters. Detonated at an altitude of around 150 miles these warheads would cause regionalized EMP pulses that would cripple segments of the power grid, causing the entire national grid to become overloaded and fail. We would, of course recover, but the financial damage from the interruption of business and life as usual would place us in a precarious position, thus weakening our economy and position in world trade and world politics.

However, here is another thought, based upon recent events. A week ago today as I write this Iran has launched the 34 pound Rasad-1 satellite into orbit via a Safir booster rocket. And we all know that Iran is not exactly friendly towards the west, and the US in particular. The Safir booster rockets are builtupon an ICBM framework, but I do not believe that is their intent. The satellite is the key component here.

UPI reports that; In 2010, Iran unveiled plans for a four-engine, liquid-fuel Simorgh rocket to carry a 220-pound satellite into orbit at an altitude of 310 miles. That missile and payload capability is more than enough to carry a nuclear device of such magnitude that if detonated over the continental United States would create an EMP event of sufficient force to cause the worst of our fears to turn into real life nightmare. The electrical distribution capability of our grids, as well as most un-hardened solid state devices would become little more than scrap equipment.

Factories and transportation would be shut down immediately. Distribution networks would no longer function. Communications would cease to be the norm. No TV, no internet, no cell-phone service. Think of the damage such an attack would cause. The image to the right shows the extent of damage, and severity if such a device were detonated at an altitude of 250 miles. At three hundred miles, of which the Simorgh rocket is capable of achieving, the area would encompass the entirety of the US, southern Canada and northern Mexico.

And yet we want to be politically correct and be nice to these people. Have you laid in your store of food and supplies yet? On my Blogtalk show I had brought up the story of Pharaohs seven zombie cows from Genesis. You may want to listen to that episode, and I will be bringing it up again in a week or so. Seven is an important number in the Bible. I suggest you pay close attention to what we are not being told, and keep one eye peeled to the sky.

A recent story in the Washington Post, Poll shows Americans oppose entitlement cuts to deal with debt problem, brings to mind one of the major problems we have to deal with in preparing for the coming times. That problem is the entitlement mentality that seems so pervasive in the world today. Once upon a time people dealt with their situations as best they could, and almost always strove to better their situation. Today, many people sit back and let others provide for their needs.

The article deals with the issue of Medicare cuts to balance the feds budget, but unfortunately fails to address the far greater issue of welfare entitlements that drain the coffers while providing no positive benefit to the taxpayers of this nation. Why is that, I wonder? It’s a complicated issue, but the bottom line is that for all of what is to be in the future is to come about, then we have to learn to adhere to certain precepts, however false they may be.

The Scriptures tell us that we must care for the poor and disabled or otherwise needy people, and so we must provide for them. However, the Scriptures do not suggest that we let the government accomplish this task for us. And yet, as a society that is the position we have come to accept as the norm; the poor are entitled to government assistance, provided by the taxpayer funding that we not so willingly contribute through excessive taxation. The Medicaid program referred to in the above mentioned article only refers to a portion of what the entire spectrum of entitlement spending goes toward. Here are nineteen of the largest programs currently in operation by the various state and federal agencies;

  1. Social Security
  2. Medicare
  3. Grants to states: Medicaid
  4. Civil Service retirement and disability fund
  5. Unemployment compensation
  6. Military retirement fund
  7. Food stamps
  8. Supplemental security income
  9. Commodity Credit Corporation (farm income support)
  10. Veterans compensation and pensions
  11. Family support payments
  12. Payment where earned income credit exceeds liability for tax
  13. State child nutrition programs
  14. Guaranteed student loans
  15. Railroad retirement
  16. Payment for annuitants, employees health benefits
  17. Social services block grant
  18. Payments to states for foster care and adoption assistance
  19. Rehabilitation services and disability research

There are more of course, but this just goes to show the depth of the problem we have today. These programs amount to over 50% of the federal budget, and every one of them has become a do not touch program that buys a lot of votes for the senators and congressmen that support them. But in a reality, these programs are nothing but a Ponzi scheme that while we are paying dearly for today, will leave us with empty pockets tomorrow.

So what does all of this have to do with preparedness and survival planning? After all, if the government collapses there won’t be any more entitlement programs, will there? No there won’t, and therein lies the problem. People that rely upon these programs today have been trained that they deserve this assistance, these entitlements. They haven’t learned that life goes on, whether our needs are provided by our own efforts, or whether they are provided by a government bureaucracy. They don’t, and usually won’t fend for themselves. They live off of handouts and freebies provided by the all-benevolent welfare worker.

So what will they do when the welfare worker no longer shows up for work at the Department of Human Services complex? They’ll soon be pounding on your door looking for those handouts. And that’s where your planning kicks in, and hopefully kicks ass. You have to help those who are in need, but how do we determine who is needy, and who isn’t?

By studying various real time melt-down scenarios, such as the Katrina aftermath, various tsunami disasters, earthquakes and assorted large scale civil unrest events, we can better equip ourselves to deal with these entitled citizens in the event of a real breakdown in the community we live in. Or even better, we can decide what kind of community to move to so we won’t have to deal with this sort of calamity. Looting is almost a sacrosanct activity after the shock of the moment wears off and the grim reality of any situation sinks in. We’ve seen it in almost every major disaster, and where we haven’t seen it is simply because it wasn’t reported on. News outlets and reporters either failed, or simply refused to record and share that activity, for whatever their reasoning may have been.

Some of the ways that you can prepare for this eventuality will be to increase the level of security at your home. Install heavy doors on all exterior doorways, along with commercial grade locksets. Install barricade locks and bars on all windows. Provide for a way to cover all of your windows with plywood or metal sheets to discourage attempts at entry. Remove all foliage around your home that may provide for a hiding place for intruders. Install exterior lighting to cover all of your property.

Don’t let anyone know that you are a prepper and may have large food stores on hand. Hide your water storage and other assets from prying eyes. Heavy drapes and shades can shield the inside of your home from prying eyes. Do everything you can to prevent others from knowing what you have behind the walls of your home.

These mobs of roving zombie looters are after easy pickings, and the more valuable, the better. Usually led by brawn rather than brain, a well shielded property can be much safer if it looks like it has nothing to offer. Hide your toys in a windowless garage.

Those that have not will still want even though they are not able to receive food stamps, section eight housing and other benefits, and it’s been my observation that over the years an attitude has been nurtured in this group of people that leads them to believe that they are owed all that they receive. It has become their right, almost as if it a God given right supported by the constitution. They will be a problem when a societal collapse arrives, but not an insurmountable problem. Learn to deal with it now, and the solution will be at hand when the time to deal with it arrives.