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David Morris has an interesting post this week (Preppers, Survivalists, and Domestic Terrorists…) regarding one of the biggest threats against the world of prepperdom that we face. Most of us face the threat unknowingly, and that alone makes it all the worse of a threat. The danger we cannot see is sometimes greater than the threat we can see. But what is this threat against us, that we patriotic Americans can be so despised and hunted by those we have placed in a position to protect our interests? What is the real threat we face as we prepare for the coming times?

Morris complains that …I’m a little sick of the government and the media bunching preppers in with domestic terrorists just because I have a Bible, a gun, a garden, and some food to feed my family with if a natural or manmade disaster happens… I don’t blame him for feeling this way; many, in fact probably most in the prepper community feel the same way, including me. It’s rather unnerving the first time you find that you’re being followed and photographed, but you don’t know by whom. After that it gets rather aggravating. But why are various government agencies treating the people who pay their salaries as a threat to this nation?

What is the real deal behind what is going on today? David also comments that …Things are so messed up that DHS does public service announcements saying that you should have 72 hours to 7 days of supplies on hands in case of disaster, but then tells law enforcement that preparedness is a sign of potential domestic terrorism… There are reasons why one hand does one thing, and the other hand does another. Many people fail to realize this, and that is why it appears –and rightly so- that the government is sending a “double entendre” message. But are they really sending us a double meaning message, or is there a reason for what they do?

Let me put this thought first, and then we’ll look at a couple of other comments from the Urban Survival Guide’s post. Everybody knows the government. Almost everyone in the prepper community agrees that the government has gotten too big for our own good. But what is the government? The government is not your friend. The government is not your enemy. The government is you servant, albeit a mighty uppity servant as of late. There are many in the government who really do have our best interest at heart and are genuinely concerned for our well being, and I find no fault with these true public servants.

The problem is not government in and of itself, the problem exists in those people whose livelihood and futures are tied to the continued growth and permanence of big government. Let’s look at a third clipping from this piece, David Morris writes; The more preppers an area has, the more stable it will be after a breakdown in the supply chain and the quicker it will recover. Preppers create stable micro-environments after disasters by being able to take care of themselves without outside help. And in his second point also writes; Local authorities and first responders NEED preppers after disasters. These are the exact reasons why we see a double meaning message coming to us from the government.

Preppers and survivalists are people that are self sufficient, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and cure the common cold. This isn’t what will keep the government growing at its current rate of growth. Uncle Sam needs for us to be totally dependent upon him for all things. The more we need him, the bigger he grows. If we don’t need big government to wipe our noses every time we sniffle, big government shrinks. This is not what the powers that be want. The powers that be want to grow ever more powerful, powerful enough to be able to control every aspect of life on this planet.

To accomplish this they have learned that we need to be afraid of terrorism, as we should be. Unfortunately, we have become unable to distinguish between true terrorism such as the Jihadists attempt to destroy the free world, and simple acts of terror wrought by your demented neighbor. By lumping the prepper and survivalist community together with terrorists, mostly because we may not only own firearms, but we are also well able to defend ourselves from terrorism. But more importantly, most of us take the time to educate ourselves and thus become aware of what is going on around us. We do not fear the government because we require it to function from day to day, we fear the government because we are aware of the threat it presents to our freedom.

The entitlement mentality being bred and provoked in this nation, fed by both big government as well as various activist groups and communities, i.e. unions, political activists, educational organizations etc. teaches us that only big government can meet our needs. Only big government can feed us, cloth us, and take care of our health needs. This is pure crap, and we of the preparedness community realize it, preach it, and otherwise share this fact. And because of this fact we have become a threat to the growth of big government.

Morris contends that he needs to develop and share ‘markers’ or traits that identify preppers and survivalists to the law enforcement community, ostensibly to encourage them to utilize us in the event of a disaster because of the very same qualities and skills that allow us to go on even after life has come to a screeching halt around us. Mr. Morris may not realize this, but this is exactly what the powers that be want to see, but not for the same reasons Morris wants to develop these markers for.

The powers that be, whether in FEMA, DHS, FBI, CIA, NIS or any other federal, state, county and local law enforcement agency want to know who to single out and persecute when the going gets tough. Their latest program, known as “If you see something, say something,” recommends or requests private citizens to report on people who do the very things we do because we pose a supposed threat to the stability and safety of the neighborhood. Terrorists hoard guns and food, or so the evening news tells us. Therefore, preppers must be terrorists because we hoard guns and food.

The government already knows the difference between a terrorist and a prepper/survivalist. It doesn’t care what the difference if. Anything that poses a threat to the continued growth of this big government needs to be eliminated, and it eventually will be. It is as it must be for the will of God to be fulfilled. We strut and crow in our patriotism, one hand clutching a gun and the other clutching a Bible. We think America is above the rest of the world because we, as a nation, were founded upon Judeo-Christian principles.

We have fallen a long way since the days of 1776 when we clasped our guns, but put both our faith as well as our trust in the One Almighty God. We are paying the price today. Forget not that Revelation 17:17 says that; For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled(KJV). I believe there will be a remnant of believers left in the coming days, but as long as the prepper community exists as it does today, we will continue to be targeted and persecuted for our beliefs.

You must also remember that many in the prepper community are also Christian believers. And that is where the real threat to big government lies. If we as a nation follow God, then how can we allow the ruler(s) of this nation to give this nation over to the power of the Beast? We cannot, and therefore we must be eliminated. This is already happening. In many ways our beliefs and freedoms are being stripped from us, and we are not even aware of it.

We allow rampant homosexuality to exist. We encourage abortion. We embrace the practice of Gaiaism by worshiping the environment and believing the lies of global warming. The list goes on. And on, and on. But you get the point, I’m sure. There is only one ultimate act of preparedness that can truly save us, and that is to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, repent of our sins and accept the gift of eternal life. If you have done that, or once you have, then you will truly know that there is absolutely nothing to fear in this world. And you will also know what the truth really is, and what you really need to do to prepare for the coming times.


North Central U.S. Spring Flood Risk
This is taken from an initial Spring Flood Outlook that was issued today by the National Weather Service (NWS) Hydrologic Information Center in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The National Spring Flood Outlook will be issued on March 17.

Key Points

  • For the third consecutive year, moderate to major flooding is expected along the Red River of the North, which forms the state border between eastern North Dakota and northwest Minnesota and includes the Souris River Basin and the Devils Lake and Stump Lake drainages in North Dakota.
  • Major flooding is also expected along the James River in South Dakota.
  • The mainstem Mississippi River is at risk for moderate to major flooding from its headwaters in St. Paul, Minnesota, all the way to St. Louis.
  •  There is ongoing widespread minor flooding and local moderate flooding from the central Plains across the northern Ohio Valley, as warmer temperatures this week have melted much of the snow that fell across the area over winter – especially with the blizzard earlier this month.


There are several reasons for the anticipated floods:

  • The ground in much of the North Central United States is frozen, water-saturated, and snow-covered.
  • Forecasts for much of the region continue to call for persistent below-normal temperatures and above-normal precipitation through the rest of February, with an expectation for the snow pack to grow.
  • In March and April, as temperatures rise and the snow melts, frozen ground and saturated soil will enhance runoff, causing streams and rivers to swell.
    • The timing and the rate of snow melt and any rain that falls during snow melt contribute to the magnitude and extent of flooding.

The areas of greatest flood concern are:

Devils Lake, North Dakota

  • Devils Lake has about a 40 percent chance of exceeding 1,455 feet, which could partially inundate portions of the town of Minnewauken, North Dakota, including critical infrastructure and roads across the lake, emergency service routes and possibly a small section of the Amtrak line.

Red River of the North in North Dakota and Minnesota

  • Fargo, North Dakota, has about a 95 percent chance of exceeding major flood stage of 30 feet where portions of downtown Fargo begin flooding and temporary dike construction is necessary; and a 15 to 20 percent chance of reaching or exceeding the record stage of 40.84 feet set in 2009
  • Grand Forks, North Dakota, has a greater than 95 percent chance of exceeding major flood stage of 46 feet and near a 10 percent chance of exceeding the record stage of 54.35 feet set in 1997.

James River and the Big Sioux River in South Dakota

  • The James River at Huron, South Dakota, has about a 90 percent chance of exceeding major flood stage of 15 feet and a 30 percent chance of exceeding the record level of 21.28 feet set in 1997
  • The Big Sioux River at Brookings, South Dakota, has a greater than 95 percent chance of exceeding major flood stage of 12 feet and nearly a 30 percent chance of exceeding the record stage of 14.77 feet set in 1969.

Upper Mississippi River in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Missouri

  • St. Paul, Minnesota, has about a 95 percent chance of exceeding major flood stage of 17 feet where secondary flood walls are deployed to protect St. Paul airport; and a 15 percent chance of exceeding the record stage of 26.4 feet set in 1965.

For complete details, see the North Central Spring Flood outlook.

Current Flooding

Several days of above normal to record warm temperatures across the center of the country has melted much of the snowpack from the central Plains to the northern Ohio Valley.  This runoff, along with ice jams in some areas, has resulted in minor to locally moderate flooding.  More than 40 river forecast points from southern South Dakota to northern Ohio either have reached or will exceed flood stage by Sunday, with a handful reaching moderate flood stage.  Over 100 additional river forecast points are or will be near flood stage.

While significant impacts are not expected, the flooding will affect local roads, agricultural lands, and river parks.

A storm system moving out of the Rockies this weekend is expected to bring more precipitation to this area on Sunday and the early part of next week.  This may prolong high river levels or cause more extensive lowland flooding.

Much of the information in this report was provided by the NWS Hydrologic Information Center, part of the Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services, in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Additional details were gathered from NWS websites and product archives.

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I’ve decided to start sharing some of the headlines that relate to the coming times and preparedness/survival issues. The news matters no matter what you may feel about it. It’s important to pay attention to what is going on around us as that may sometimes be the only way to receive a warning of what we need to prepare for in these coming times. Today, we see a rising cost in both food and clothing, but why? We can find the answer to this question and more simply by paying attention to the news. Simply click onto the headlines and you will be taken to the story connected to that headline.

February 15, 2011 –
DHS Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report 
(PDF, 25 pages – 345 KB)

The Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report is a DHS compilation of selected news articles from around the country regarding emergency and disater news. Well worth reading, and it’s keeps you up to date on what may be happening around you.

Food Matters;

Is the World Producing Enough Food?

Food prices are zooming again for reasons besides bad weather, climate change and global growth.

Drought in China threatens wheat crop and send global prices soaring

UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned that a severe drought was threatening China’s wheat crop and could result in shortages of drinking water; analysts fear that wheat prices could soar even higher if China were to begin importing large quantities of food to feed more than a billion hungry mouths; wheat prices are already at record highs and have sparked food related protests around the world; surging prices are partially responsible for Egypt and Tunisia’s recent mass uprisings; China’s Shandong province, a major agricultural region, has only received fifteen percent of its normal rain levels; in dire terms Chinese state media reported that “land is drying out, and the crops are dying….

Infrastructure Matters;

Egypt Leaders Found ‘Off’ Switch for Internet

A blackout during protests has mesmerized technical experts and raised concerns about other governments.

Cyberweapon could cause Internet doomsday

Researchers show that an attack by a large botnet — a network of computers infected with software that allows them to be externally controlled — could take down the Internet; the researchers reckon that 250,000 such machines would be enough to do the job; a sustained 20-minute attack by the 250,000-strong army — they will be sending waves of border gateway protocol (BGP) updates to every router in the world — would overwhelm the net, bringing Web servers down by overloading them with traffic….

Political Matters;

Michael Boldin: California – a nullifier’s paradise?

…States around the country are considering laws to reject federal laws on health care, guns, the Environmental Protection Agency regulations and more. The pundits scream “racism,” the legal experts cite the “supremacy clause,” and the entire country – left to right – just might be missing the point…. The real question, of course, is this – will gay marriage advocates in Maine, health care nullification advocates in Idaho, gun rights activists in Oklahoma, and marijuana advocates in California ever realize that they’re actually on the same side…

Secretary Napolitano Announces “If You See Something, Say Something™” Campaign Partnership with NBA
Tue, 15 Feb 2011 06:00:00 -0600 Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano today joined National Basketball Association (NBA) Commissioner David Stern to announce a new partnership between the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) “If You See Something, Say Something” public awareness campaign and the NBA.

Financial Matters;

As Austerity Cuts Bite in Portugal, Discontent Grows

Portugal’s government, pressured by outsiders to shape up fiscally, now faces growing public protests and political discord over its drastic spending cuts.

Federal deficit on track for a record this fiscal year

Government debt to exceed U.S. economy

President Obama‘s budget, released Monday, was conceived as a blueprint for future spending, but it also paints the bleakest picture yet of the current fiscal year, which is on track for a record federal deficit and will see the government’s overall debt surpass the size of the total U.S. economy….Mr. Obama’s budget projects that 2011 will see the biggest one-year debt jump in history, or nearly $2 trillion, to reach $15.476 trillion by Sept. 30, the end of the fiscal year. That would be 102.6 percent of GDP — the first time since World War II that dubious figure has been reached….

Brazil Finance Chief Renews Attack on Fed

Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega renewed his attack on the Fed’s most recent program of quantitative easing, saying the policy had goosed global flows of hot capital and heightened the global problems of rising commodity prices and inflation.

Retailers set to raise apparel prices this spring
Retailers and apparel manufacturers are poised to raise clothing prices about 10% this spring, reflecting the skyrocketing cost of cotton as well as cost increases for synthetic fabrics as demand for cotton alternatives rises, said Burt Flickinger III, president of Strategic Resource Group. “We have been so used to deflation for years and years,” said David Bassuk of AlixPartners. “Customers are going to be surprised.” The Washington Times/The Associated Press

It’s Never Just the Economy, Stupid

WE ARE OFTEN TOLD that we possess the most powerful military in the world and that we will face no serious threat for some time to come. We are comforted with three reassurances aimed at deflecting any serious discussion of national security: (1) that Islam is a religion of peace; (2) that we will never go to war with China because our economic interests are intertwined; and (3) that America won the Cold War and Russia is no longer our enemy. But these reassurances are myths, propagated on the right and left alike. We believe them at our peril, because serious threats are already upon us.

It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s bound to in the near future. Earthquakes are part of life along our southwest coastline here in the US and hardly a day goes by without several reports are posted from the region on what they consider minor events. In looking at the USGS’s California-Nevada Fault Map this morning, I see 95 reports from the last week. While this doesn’t signify a major tremblor for the area, or an indication that an 8.0 or greater will occur, there also is no way to tell that there won’t be one, either.

Will there, or won’t there be a severe earthquake in the LA area soon? I can’t tell for sure, nobody can. But I can speculate on what will occur to the area if it does happen. And by LA, I mean the area stretching from Indio on up through San Bernardino and then to Santa Monica. It’s a big area, and while there seems to be more minor tremblors in the Indio area, there isn’t much recorded around the heavier populated LA to Riverside stretch. Could it just be a long nap along the fault lines, or are the plates getting ready to crack?

We’re all still fixated on the Haitian tragedy of a year ago when Port au Prince was devastated by an earthquake, and we still see today the effects of poverty and government corruption have had on the population. It’s a year later and people are still living on handouts and living in tent villages. Will that be the outcome of a major event here in the US?

It’s unlikely we will see the magnitude of poverty that Haiti has suffered from after their quake, but I believe there will be some similarities in the aftermath of such an event. For one thing, the LA area has a greater population spread out over a larger land area, but the infrastructure is significantly greater, and in a far better state than what Haiti had at the time of their event. Simply put, LA is better built after having learned from their experiences. Whereas Haiti had little resources to commit to rebuilding, we have significantly greater resources, and less corruption to channel those resources away from rebuilding the area.

But there will be some things happen that we have never seen before in an earthquake of any sizeable magnitude in the US. I believe that FEMA will attempt to build upon the mistakes made in the Katrina aftermath and impose some of the controls on the area that many in the conspiracy theater seem to feel the government can’t wait to try.

For one, I think we will see federal agencies flock to the disaster in record time, no matter the severity of destruction. We will see federally imposed Martial Law placed upon the affected area almost from the get go. I also believe we will see forced evacuations and quickly erected tent cities used to house those evacuees. The area will in effect become a ghost town, populated by lone holdouts, looters and gangs. Evacuated persons will not be allowed to return to the area, and the military will be used to patrol the area. I see little being done to actually control the resulting looting, however. The reason for that is the Posse Comitatus act of 1878. Originally intended to prevent out federal troops from being used in local law enforcement duties, we have seen that act become basically useless over the last couple of decades or so.

As disasters have seemingly increased as federal government power and autonomy has increased, we’ve seen an increase in the militaries use in providing disaster relief. Where we once would see local volunteers and the Red Cross handing out food and blankets, we now see uniformed soldiers performing the task. In Katrina, we saw a limited engagement of military patrols in the flood ravaged community. Next time around we will see a greater presence of troops involved in that duty. However, we are still a ways off from being able to stomach the idea of an armed soldier gunning down a gang-banger looting a 52″ television. The press would have a field day with that one, both liberal and conservative.

But still, the troops will be utilized to force innocent people from their homes and evacuated to what will be considered by FEMA to be a safe haven, namely the tent cities. It will be a grand exercise to test the will of the people of this nation, as well as to further de=sensitize us to the presence of what should not be in this nation. Government intrusion at its worst.

A page from DHS’s collection of pages has a piece by Major Craig T. Trebilcock called The Myth of Posse Comitatus, written in 2000. I’ve shared his conclusions here, and this conclusion seems to be the policy of the DHS when confronted with the possibility of using the military on our own soil.

Is the Posse Comitatus Act totally without meaning today? No, it remains a deterrent to prevent the unauthorized deployment of troops at the local level in response to what is purely a civilian law enforcement matter. Although no person has ever been successfully prosecuted under the act, it is available in criminal or administrative proceedings to punish a lower-level commander who uses military forces to pursue a common felon or to conduct sobriety checkpoints off of a federal military post. Officers have had their careers abruptly brought to a close by misusing federal military assets to support a purely civilian criminal matter.

But does the act present a major barrier at the National Command Authority level to use of military forces in the battle against terrorism? The numerous exceptions and policy shifts carried out over the past 20 years strongly indicate that it does not. Could anyone seriously suggest that it is appropriate to use the military to interdict drugs and illegal aliens but preclude the military from countering terrorist threats that employ weapons of mass destruction? For two decades the military has been increasingly used as an auxiliary to civilian law enforcement when the capabilities of the police have been exceeded. Under both the statutory and constitutional exceptions that have permitted the use of the military in law enforcement since 1980, the president has ample authority to employ the military in homeland defense against the threat of weapons of mass destruction in terrorist hands.

The government has weaseled in the usage of the military of some aspects of our security; will they go all the way and turn the military into a nationalized federal police force of sorts? Hard to tell for sure, but I do know there are those in power today that would love to see this come about. But if we do soon see an 8.0 in Commiefornia, we’ll be paying close attention to the results.

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There are a lot of things we have to consider as we prepare to survive the coming times, including our own safety and security. We make plans to guard our property and our lives by buying guns and ammo, installing heavy duty security hardware on our doors and windows, buying safes and more, but there is much more to consider as we degrade into the next phase of humanity as a nation. For instance, do you know who is watching you prepare?

Everybody is aware of the fact that people with evil intent practice the fine art of surveillance upon their intended victims, often resulting in great harm to the victim, and great profit to the perpetrator of the crime. We also know that we are being watched by our internet providers and advertising, but did you know that everyone from your bank, your favorite retailer and even the government is keeping an eye on all that we do?

How are they doing that? In lots of ways, actually. Most of which we have no idea of when it occurs. Online shopping, even just window shopping can be incredibly detrimental to your security health. When we stroll around the web we can leave cookies as we look at various advertisements and visit various websites. Most people are not aware of the fact that these cookies can be used to develop a profile of your online life. Targeted advertising uses these profiles to load the screen with advertising based upon what sites and advertisements you visit while web surfing.

Based upon these profiles, a fairly good picture of who and what you are can be developed, and with that picture you could become a target by various entities. Those entities could be advertisers trying to sell you a 72 hour go bag, a crook intent upon cleaning out your bank account, or a government agency that thinks you pose a risk. But there’s more bad news at hand too. That news comes from above.

I don’t mean God here; I mean the government agencies that are more and more turning to aerial surveillance to keep an eye on what you are doing. We’ve grown up under the false impression that everything law enforcement and other government agencies do is for our safety, for our own good. That may have been true in Mayberry USA, but not in today’s world of terrorism and corruption. Today, there are some people in power that believe people who live the prepper and survivalist lifestyle are a threat to this nation, in spite of the fact that most of us can be viewed as nothing but patriots to our country.

You might remember a few months ago that a furor arose over one community’s use of aerial photography to spot and fine violators of the towns zoning ordinances. Photos were used to document the existence of swimming pools and outbuildings on properties where permits were never obtained to do the work. There is a growing use of aerial photography to keep tabs on what we are doing on our own property. Law enforcement claims they are looking for criminal activity, but what is really happening is an invasion of our privacy, and that can mean some serious problems may lie ahead for those of us adapting out property for long term survival of the coming times.

Secrecy needs to be part of your overall preparedness planning. Why? If you are truly prepared for the long haul, then you have a veritable department store ripe for the picking on one hand, and on the other you have a source of irritation to those who prefer the government be the provider of all things, including what you have accumulated as part of that planning. Along with the growth in government sponsored surveillance of us the taxpayer we also see an increasing number of officials that consider our planning as nothing more than selfish and immoral hoarding. They see your long term food storage plan as something to share with the rest of civilization, and they will take your resources whether you like it or not.

For those of you that live in the Miami-Dade area, that reality is on your doorstep. According to a WSVN report, MDPD purchased a drone named T-hawk from defense firm Honeywell to assist with the department’s Special Response Team’s operations. The 20-pound drone can fly for 40 minutes, reach heights of 10,500 feet and cruise in the air at 46 miles an hour. “It gives us a good opportunity to have an eye up there. Not a surveilling eye, not a spying eye. Let’s make the distinction. A surveilling eye to help us to do the things we need to do, honestly, to keep people safe,” said Miami-Dade Police Director James Loftus. (Article and video here.)This is just the beginning. Eventually, as costs come down and more communities get on the bandwagon, we’ll see drones that can stay aloft for days snapping shots and taking video of the local goings on.

The DHS is already utilizing the Predator B Drones to patrol the Mexican border and want to expand their use to the Canadian border and both coastlines as well, forming a visual fence that can see everything we are doing in those areas. But even though drones are a ways off from today, many community agencies use helicopters and planes to keep an eye on us. So, word of warning, when you adapt your property, make sure you do it right, and make sure it is unobtrusive.

And don’t forget that as we move closer to being a cashless society, it will be easier and easier for those in power to keep tabs on where we shop, what we buy, and how much.