Preppers, Survivalists, and DHS Profiling…

David Morris has an interesting post this week (Preppers, Survivalists, and Domestic Terrorists…) regarding one of the biggest threats against the world of prepperdom that we face. Most of us face the threat unknowingly, and that alone makes it all the worse of a threat. The danger we cannot see is sometimes greater than the […]

North Central U.S. Spring Flood Risk: 18 February 2011

North Central U.S. Spring Flood Risk This is taken from an initial Spring Flood Outlook that was issued today by the National Weather Service (NWS) Hydrologic Information Center in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The National Spring Flood Outlook will be issued on March 17. Key Points For the third consecutive year, moderate to major flooding is […]

News Matters for 16 February 2011

Hello all! I’ve decided to start sharing some of the headlines that relate to the coming times and preparedness/survival issues. The news matters no matter what you may feel about it. It’s important to pay attention to what is going on around us as that may sometimes be the only way to receive a warning […]

LA’s 8.0 Earthquake and Posse Comitatus

It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s bound to in the near future. Earthquakes are part of life along our southwest coastline here in the US and hardly a day goes by without several reports are posted from the region on what they consider minor events. In looking at the USGS’s California-Nevada Fault Map this morning, […]

Who’s Watching You Prepare?

There are a lot of things we have to consider as we prepare to survive the coming times, including our own safety and security. We make plans to guard our property and our lives by buying guns and ammo, installing heavy duty security hardware on our doors and windows, buying safes and more, but there […]

Is an EMP attack on the US imminent

Just came across this piece from AOL News; (Nov. 9) — An unexplained missile shot across the sky off the coast of Los Angeles and was caught on video by a CBS News traffic helicopter during Monday night’s rush hour. Today, the missile is still a mystery. A Navy spokesman told CBS affiliate KFMB that […]

Craig Fugate Urges State Emergency Mangers to prepare for the worst

FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate Urges State Emergency Mangers to prepare for the worst and consider the entire community while planning for disaster October 20, 2010 HQ-10-203 Contact: FEMA News Desk 202-646-3272 News Release FEMA ADMINISTRATOR CRAIG FUGATE URGES STATE EMERGENCY MANAGERS TO PREPARE FOR THE WORST AND CONSIDER THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY WHILE PLANNING FOR DISASTER […]