The Value of Barter

Over the last so many thousands of years, the system of commerce in this world has changed, and grown to a place where we no longer think in terms of bartering for our needs and wants, but in terms of currency for our wants and needs. When we want a bushel of corn and twenty […]

Long Term Storage Facilities

Facilities for Storage (from a USDA bulletin) A variety of facilities can be built or adapted for home storage. The type of storage built depends upon the climate and the choice of the individual. Elaborate facilities for home storage are not practical unless outside temperatures during the winter average 30° F. or lower to permit […]

The Concrete Home

The concrete house is an interesting, and in my mind, likable design for any survival homestead. The safety and security features provided by its non-flammable and destruction resistance construction far outweighs the aesthetics of a conventional wood frame structure. In most cases these buildings can be much easier to build, and less costly provided you […]

Surviving a Cow Attack

Came across this video over at and just had to share it with you readers, seeing as it is survival related, sort of. Baxter Black has some pretty good material of a humorous nature if you already live on a survival homestead, especially if you raise livestock. Head on over to for more, […]

The SaWaFo Pyramid and Your Property Search

Back in November(2010) I had done a post on what I call the SaWaFo pyramid to shed a little light on that particular anchor point on your preparedness planning. What is the SaWaFo pyramid? Basically it puts your three basic needs into a pattern of building blocks with your survival, or preparedness plan at the […]

Food Price Outlook, 2011

Most preppers are well aware of the impact the cost of food has upon our long range planning for survival in the coming times. While the past few years have been tolerable, sort of, in dealing with the increases we’ve seen on the retail end of our grocery bill, we are now starting to see […]

Water Wheels to Power Your Homestead

WATER-WHEELS TO POWER YOUR HOMESTEAD (Adapted from an article by Joseph Henry Adams) There are three kinds of wheels, the overshot, breast, and undershot. The overshot is the most powerful, for it is not only moved by the weight of water that it holds but also by the force of the onrushing water from the […]