Will Politics Change the Direction of Prepping?

Re 17:17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. This verse is from John’s Revelation of the end times. It’s a book full of mystery and riddles, rhymes and tempting suggestions of what […]

Gun Control = People Control

As we are all aware, the fairly recent mass shooting at a school in Newtown Connecticut has placed the nation into an uproar over the issue of gun rights verses gun controls. As usual, instead of addressing the core issues at hand, the socialist minded leftist politicians, democrat and republican both, have decided to glam […]

2012-A Doomsday Year (part four)

So far in 2012-A Doomsday Year I have covered in part the escalating food prices, the escalating energy costs, the increasing controls imposed upon us, and today I will look at the issue of communications in our daily lives. We have come to take for granted many of the freedoms our constitution protects, and in […]

2012-A Doomsday Year (part three)

So far in 2012-A Doomsday year I have covered in part the escalating food prices, in part one, and the escalating energy costs in part two. Historians are well aware of the fact that economic difficulties usually precedes a time of discontent and upheaval. Historically, we can look back at our own history and examine: […]

Surviving the Times in Print

My new book ‘Surviving the Times’ is now available online at amazon.com, as well as at the Remember ME! Media bookstore! Surviving the Times takes you through the steps of building your preparedness binder, as well as how to determine what the most viable disaster scenarios would be that you need to prepare for. I […]

The SaWaFo Pyramid and Your Property Search

Back in November(2010) I had done a post on what I call the SaWaFo pyramid to shed a little light on that particular anchor point on your preparedness planning. What is the SaWaFo pyramid? Basically it puts your three basic needs into a pattern of building blocks with your survival, or preparedness plan at the […]