Rendering Fats at Home

In the coming days we will be seeing some incredible increases in the costs of the things we buy, especially food for the house, and yet our paychecks will remain substantially stagnant. We’ll be spending more money, but not making any more money. Economists call this inflation, and it has reared its ugly head in […]

Back to Basics (book review)

I came across this volume at a local bookstore and liked it so much I just had to add it to my preparedness library. According to the publishers site, it is a basic how to add on for anyone wanting to live a simpler life. Here’s what Skyhorse publishing says about the book; Anyone who […]

The Book Store

Welcome to the bookstore! We’ve got a few of my titles here, and to order simply click onto the title links to go to our secure ordering site. You can see more of our offering at Surviving The Times Print: $24.95 Download: $12.00 Surviving the Times takes you through the steps to make your […]

Save Now on Surviving the Times

        Surviving The Times Purchase Surviving The Times with 15% off with coupon code BEACHREAD305     Hey Folks, now’s your chance to get Surviving the Times and save even more! For a limited time, by using this link you’ll be able to take 15% off of the cover price! Why did I […]

Preparing for the Loss of Our Sovereignty

Gaining a Health Care Bill, but losing our nation; The health care bill has passed through the bowels of our political system relatively unscathed. It was bound to happen, in spite of the opposition. Why is that? because the passage of this bill is just another step towards the surrender of this nations sovereignty to […]

A Handy Disaster Preparedness Guide

A Handy Disaster Preparedness Guide Print: $19.95 Download: $10.00 A compilation of tips and how to’s on developing an emergency preparedness plan, and how to get ready for natural and man made disasters. Also includes a comprehensive listing of state and federal agencies to contact for more help and assistance in dealing with emergency planning […]

The ACEP Pocket First Aid Book

This book is the second choice I made for a go pack library. Small in stature, but packed with a wealth of information. Well worth the $7.00 I paid for it at a local bookstore. The book is primarily a pocket sized version of the American College of Emergency Physicians larger version, the complete first […]