The Great Halloween Blackout

extended power outage


Long Term Storage Facilities

Facilities for Storage (from a USDA bulletin) A variety of facilities can be built or adapted for home storage. The type of storage built depends upon the climate and the choice of the individual. Elaborate facilities for home storage are not practical unless outside temperatures during the winter average 30° F. or lower to permit […]

Survival fires and starting them

Kinds of Fire and Their Uses One of the important things about camping is a campfire. There are two kinds of campfires, the “warming up” fire, and the “cooking” fire. Of course there are others, such as the “smudge” to drive away mosquitoes, and the “friendship”—the kind you just like to sit around and talk […]

The Scout Campfire

Things to Remember: The sportsman in the field or mountains without matches can start his campfire by the aid of his shotgun. It has been successfully experimented upon and is both simple and feasible. First, make preparations to start your fire from the flame by building up your wood ready to light, standing kindlings up […]

Building a Birch Bark Canoe

Modern day conveniences provide us with a plethora of goods, all made with high tech materials, and yes, in many ways today’s products are far superior than yesterdays. But not everything is superior, especially when the crap hits the fan and you cannot find a place to repair that fiberglass canoe that you damaged while […]

Homemade Fireless Cookers

[Adapted from the USDA Farmers Bulletin #771] The principle employed in the fireless cooker has long been known and may be briefly stated as follows: If a hot body is protected by a suitable covering the heat in it will be retained for a long time instead of being dissipated by radiation or conduction. In […]

Water Wheels to Power Your Homestead

WATER-WHEELS TO POWER YOUR HOMESTEAD (Adapted from an article by Joseph Henry Adams) There are three kinds of wheels, the overshot, breast, and undershot. The overshot is the most powerful, for it is not only moved by the weight of water that it holds but also by the force of the onrushing water from the […]