Oil Lampstoves

History speaks often of cooking with lamp stoves, and you can indeed cook over an oil lamp provided you have the right contrivance to do so, but more often what the writer is speaking of is a lampstove, which is very similar to an oil lamp, but constructed more for heat than light. It’s too […]

Surviving Peak Oil

The ‘Peak Oil’ theory seems to be making a bit of a comeback, not surprisingly, but it still reeks of what I call Apocolypsia Nervousa. “What the heck is that” you ask? It’s simply the urge by some to become afraid of the things to come. The loss of our oil supplies and easy living […]

There’s No Heat!

Funny thing about winter storms like the central east coast just floundered through. They tend to cause power outages. Sometimes just a little one afflicting a single street or block with inconvenience, and other times widespread outages cause tens of thousands to lose power. And the more that lose power, the longer it takes to […]