Preparedness and the Price of a Donkeys Head

There seems to be a lot of pressure today to invest in gold and silver for the coming times. Ostensibly, this investment will tide you through the rough times a comin’ down the road. But the question begs to be asked, will gold and silver really help me survive the coming times? The answer to […]

Surviving the crash of the Euro

One of the aspects of preparedness and survival revolves around the monetary world, but unfortunately for too many of us neglect to keep tabs on what is happening in the money arena. This article from Money and Markets explains some of the issues the latest European tragedy to occur, the falling Euro. Claus Vogt makes […]

Silver and Gold for Survival

I don’t know how many of you actually look at the so called “survival” advertising out there today, but I find it getting pretty mundane and self defeating towards the aspects of emergency and disaster preparedness planning. In particular, I find the advertising and promises of the metals trading companies rather hard to swallow. Don’t […]

Another Giant Tumbles plus news & Weather

Today’s Weather from WBZ TV… Biddeford’s Flotation Technologies named 27th fastest growing manufacturing company by Inc. magazine… Say GOODBYE to Lehman Brothers… Asian stocks plummet with news on Lehman… S&P’s Sam Stovall says problem is lack of confidence…