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gun crimeAs we are all aware, the fairly recent mass shooting at a school in Newtown Connecticut has placed the nation into an uproar over the issue of gun rights verses gun controls. As usual, instead of addressing the core issues at hand, the socialist minded leftist politicians, democrat and republican both, have decided to glam onto the anti-gun bandwagon and push for stricter gun laws.

Is this really what we should be doing in response to such an horrific act as a mass shooting?

The issue at hand should not be addressed as gun control, but more properly as an issue of crime control. The problem is not that a gun or guns were used to kill a bunch of innocent people, but that a person decided to commit that shooting. Why is no one addressing the problem of the person, instead of the tool used to commit the crime?

Why was the crime committed? At this point, I really have no idea, and neither does the majority of America, but is the weapon of choice really the problem? In a word, no it is not the problem. The problem is that a crime was committed.

Look at the issue of assault in this manner:

Let us say a person, man or woman, gets angry and wants to assault their partner in life. There is no gun in the house, so what does the person do? Does this person simply walk away because they cannot succumb to their emotional need to attack someone and cause injury? Of course not. If this were true, then we would have no issues of domestic abuse and the resulting crime rate from that ill named crime.

The person would either use their hands to attack, or grab whatever is handy. Let us say that a vacuum cleaner was nearby, and the person grabbed an extension wand to beat the crap out of their partner. Should we then ban vacuum cleaners because the extension wand was used to beat someone?

Maybe we should just ban vacuum cleaners that have extension wands? Alternatively, we could ban vacuum cleaners with multiple extension wands. That way the victim might have a chance to escape while the perpetrator reloads. Sounds pretty stupid, doesn’t it?

Of course it is stupid, and so is the argument over gun control. We do not need gun control, and neither do we need people control, but the end result is that people control is the only possible end result of gun control.

Banning high capacity magazines, or clips holding more than ten rounds will not eliminate the potential for gun crime. In fact, in some ways it retains the probability of an increase in gun crime, especially as time goes by.

More and more people will simply comply with the rules, and eschew their constitutionally endowed right of self-defense, thus exposing themselves, and their property to those who wouldn’t give a rats ass for the lawful requirements of gun owners.

Further, surrendering our right of self-defense also decreases the possibility of defending ourselves against a corrupt political establishment, should the right parties attempt to subjugate us to a certain form of dictatorial regime, which may well happen given the current trend of affairs.

The question we have to ask here is; is gun control really meant to control gun related crime, or is it really intended to control the larger part of the law abiding gun owning population through a series of bans on certain firearms, clips and ammunition, registrations, and publicly administered oversight of gun owners?


Not so long ago I wrote a post called Welcome to Bartertown  where I discussed the possible future of non cash financial transactions. I made reference to the extreme, but unlikely, development of communities in the future resembling trading posts of the past by way of Mel Gibson’s movie, Beyond Thunder Dome. Set in a gritty, filthy environment, Thunder Dome was a closely run outpost in the Australian outback in the post apocalyptic future. While it was a good movie, there is a lot about the scripting that is wrong for a realistic future.

Looking the reality of what may be the future in relation to the everyday task of making simple everyday financial transactions like buying a gallon of milk, I can see some grave differences between what Hollywood presents and what the trends of finance present. Some futurists present a story whereby bartering may become the way of life after the financial breakdown occurs that we are all waiting for. In the past, if you needed medical attention, the doctor would treat you and you would give him a chicken in exchange. The doctor, needing a new hat would trade it at the general store for a new hat, and the store would sell the chicken to a farmer, or perhaps a homeowner looking for a good supper. If you were a farmer and needed some lumber, you cut some acreage and bring the trees to a sawmill. The miller would cut your lumber in exchange for a quantity of the trees for his own use. The miller would then sell his new lumber to those who had cash to pay for it.

A thousand years ago, bartering was the main method of conducting business in most of the world. Currency was relegated to those areas that were more heavily populated. But as time went by even bartering transactions ended with currency being traded at the end. Today, bartering is a forgotten art, even though it is growing in popularity in some corners. But in the near future, bartering may well become an illegal act.

There are many conspiracy theorists floating a wide range of reasons for the current financial affairs of the world, and especially damning are those who suggest that the economy is being specifically controlled by one faction or another. The fact is, the current financial crisis we are undergoing is hardly the worst economic downturn we have ever been through. While it approaches the great depression of the thirties, it really does not have the same impact. But even before that time was the collapse of the 1850’s, and in fact the worldwide economies suffered declines in the eras of 1825, 1836, 1847, 1857, and 1866. So dips and peaks are nothing new to the world’s economies.

However, what is new is the governments increasing compulsion to draft legislation imposing new, and not really necessary controls over our lives under the pretense of saving us from calamity and financial ruin. But the damage has been done, and there is no going back. We have allowed our public servants to become our masters, and now we have to pay the price.

With the advent of government controlled health care, and soon to be passed carbon legislation which will ultimately result in our energy needs also being doled out by the government, the nationalization of our banking system and other, numerous rules, laws, regulations and controls we will soon find that cash has become useless. While some say that we’ll never have a national ID card, they are wrong. Not only will we have a national ID card, that card will also be our ticket to buying and selling. RFID is on the way, and in fact is being implemented in various communities even now.

At first you’ll see bank issued cards with the RFID chips offered for use as a more convenient way to pay via contactless payment methods called touch and go. You need only place your card near a reader at a point of sale and the transaction is completed. Communities are beginning to use them for convenience of public transportation. Colleges are using them as combination ID and debit cards. It’s only a matter of time before we all use these cards every day without question. And we’ll like it too.

Once we have come to accept the ease of using contactless payment and having RFID chips in our back pocket, it will be a simple matter to combine these cards with an ID factor or component. As the occasions of terrorist attacks increase and security measures become more stringent we will insist upon more and more safeguards to protect our well-being. The latest occurrence with the attempted destruction of Flight 253 in Detroit, and the scurry to increase and tighten airport security after the event only proves that point.

And of course, when we arrive at the point whereby our ID and banking needs are all self-contained in one little plastic card, there will be no need for other forms of tender in financial transactions. The UK has already announced that paper checking will be eliminated by 2018 in that country, and other nations will follow suit. Credit will be our only source of money. Our paychecks will be automatically deposited into our bank account, and bills that we owe will be electronically processed through that same card and account. So won’t our taxes. And we all know how much the government loves to collect taxes.

And here’s the danger to the idea of bartering for our needs in the future. The government will not be able to track these transactions and will attempt to control them, or make them illegal. I believe the government will increase the surveillance and tracking of us to the extent that all we possess will be on record, and any changes to those possessions will ultimately be taxed. We can already see the trend to do so by the way local and state governments tax us through what we call the property tax. Included in that assessment is the value of appliances and other major possessions that we may own. Businesses generally pay a large percentage of taxes on equipment they own year after year, and that tax changes when new equipment is purchased and/or old equipment is sold.

Bartering will be closely watched for as this will be an area for loss of tax revenue by the government. Therefore, if you do wish to include this as a means of getting by in the coming times, you’ll have to learn how to do so without giving any indication that you are bartering. In a sense, you’ll need to learn how to become an income tax evader. The smart way to get ready for financial calamity is to prepare yourself to not need any financial support at all. Of course, property and income tax needs will eliminate your idea to live with no income at all. Unless of course you are willing to live off the welfare dole. But since you are reading this blog I doubt that you will be willing to give your freedom away for free beer and cable TV.

Bottom line here is that no matter what kind of end time scenario you want to believe in, it probably won’t be what you think it will be. If you want to be truly prepared for the coming times, you have to be able to see beyond the hype that many marketers and publishers are pushing today. Examine carefully what you see, hear and read for validity beyond selling some manual or survival commodity. Get yourself out-of-town and onto some rural land were you will be able to grow your own crops and trees for fuel. If you have everything you need, then your need for bartering will be minimized, thus reducing your financial profile.