A Farmstead as a Survival Retreat

Economic collapse and the ensuing hardship is just one of the many terrors we must be prepared for in the coming times. We are constantly bombarded with facts and figures suggesting that the end is near, but how do we get ready to survive these coming times? There are many ways, but history tells us […]

Concrete Well Lining

The course of history hasn’t changed much when it comes to our drinking water supplies. We either get it from standing water, such as a pond or cistern, or we get it from a hole in the ground. One thing that has changed is how we make that hole in the ground. Nowadays we usually […]

Ram Pumps

This post is a section from Home Waterworks, by Carleton J. Lynde, ©1912. In keeping with the simple is better historic theme of creating a survival homestead, the hydraulic ram pumps are probably the best bet anywhere, unless you have a gravity fed spring water supply line. Low maintenance equipment with a high reliability factor […]

Urban Survival Fallacies

My advice to those of you who dwell in the truly urban areas of this nation has always been to get yourself gone, ASAP! Yesterday isn’t soon enough. I know there are large numbers of people who plan on trying to survive what is to come in these urban centers, and there have been several […]